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down grade turbo? '05 sti

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currently i have a blouch dom 4.0xtr with a turbo xs front mount inter-cooler, perrin 3" inlet, grimspeed up pipe with grimspeed 38mm external wategate, turbo xs 4" downpipe, agency power exhaust manifold. and the HBC manual boost controller...
for fueling i have the deatchwerks 850cc injectors and a walbaro 255 fuel pump and the smc methanol kit

i am currently tunes for 400whp on 93 w/ meth....i like the high end power but the car lacks midrange power. which turbo could i put on with out changing the rest of my setup that could give me the low-mid range power but still be able to push 400whp? oh block is built up slightly aswell: cp pistons and ported head. stock crank and con rods.

suggestions and criticisms are both welcomed....but if u criticize something also suggest how to make it better..thanks
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There are a lot of turbos that could do it with meth on a dynojet. What type of dyno are you talking and what does it read for stock cars? You might be able to pull it off, or at least get close, with a 1.5xt-r with a 10cm hot side.
What dyno were you tuned on? and do you want to make the same power on that dyno? Dom 1.5 xtr might get you that..on a dyno that reads really really high.

More details about your setup!
1.5 XTR(with either combo of 8 or 10cm housing), 2.5 XTR, GT52 element turbo, FP green. If you want the ultimate turbo, spend the money and get the EFR Borg Warner 6758.
i dont really care about the exact dyno number i just want to have similar power to what i have now but not only in the high rpm range...its my daily and i want to have power on the lower end...what is the opinion on the gt30?
atp gtx3071 is what i would go with if all you want is about 400whp
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If you want the ultimate turbo, spend the money and get the EFR Borg Warner 6758.
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