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How's your knob? Mine's a little loose...

Door Edge Guards

Most people would think that why door edge guards. The door edge guards are clear so they will match any color vehicle on the market. They will protect any door that it is applied to from getting a chip in it and remain invisible as possible. The product will not take away from the natural body lines of the vehicle like the tradiitonal bulk door edge guards of the past.. The best part is the door edge guards can be installed in as little of time as five minutes.
Click here for instructions.http://www.rockblocker.com/guard-howto.htm

Now you dont have to worry about the passenger chipping your new vehicle or worry about being parked to close to car next to you!!

Each Door Edge Guard sells for $5.00. Thats just $20 for your car!!

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

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