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a few months back when the Z just came out, i was talking to the manager of the Nissan dealer and I said, “well what if I put a deposit on the car?” in this case it was a Z. he kinda laughed and said, “Deposit? I don’t take deposits. Its illegal for a dealer to take a deposit on a car in California. Only a fool would put a deposit on a car. some dealers would just take your money and run”

Has anyone heard anything like this? does anyone know what this guy was talkin about? i bring this up because people may put a deposit on a STi and they may get ripped off.

If you are ordering a car from the factory through a dealer, then it is perfectly acceptable to place a deposit. This is called a "presale", or fleet purchase. The order typically goes to the factory and a vehicle is built for you and delivered to your dealer. There is nothing illegal about doing business in this way. In fact it is better in some ways, because you have a bit more negotiating leverage with the dealer. Because you can take your order to any of the dealers that will give you the lowest mark-up over invoice.

At this point Subaru has decided not to do "presales" on the STi, but I know of dealers, like the ones on JJ's list that are selling at MSRP on a waiting list type of order. Not exactly the same because the car is built for the dealer (against their allocation) and then sold to you. I know it seems like a technicality, but it does affect the ease with which you can negotiate on the price.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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