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Hallo aus Deutschland :wave:

My name's Dominik, located in Germany, and I'm currently driving a 2008 Hatchback STi.
Over the last 2 years, the hatch turned into a racecar. :lol:

I bought it completely stock January 2016. After a first mapping in May '16 i got the first blown engine --> spun rod bearings.

After that, we rebuilt it with some better internals, like Mahle pistons, ACL main + rod bearings, ARP head stuts,...
Together with a upgraded DW65c fuelpump, DW injectors, Blouch TD05-18G XT-R turbo we made around 400hp.

After a leaking intercooler i replaced the TMIC with a mishimoto FMIC. Some other things have also been added or replaced.
I installed a bolt in roll cage (built under DMSB license). DMSB = german motorsport association.

The car is built for trackdays and hillclimb, so the engine doesn't know slow driving and something like that. Everything was running fine till May 2018...
I recognized the engine burns some oil, more than the last 1,5 years. After a compression test, the result was 8-8.5 bar on cyl. 1-3 and only around 5 bar on cyl. 4.
Maybe ringland failure or something else, i don't know.
Now the engine is replaced with a JDM EJ207 W20C engine from a JDM Hatchback V10.

Actual specs (July '18):

- JDM EJ207 W20C Longblock
- Group N engine mounts
- Ground N transmission mounts
- Group N shifter rear mount and bushing
- NRC NoLimitRacing clutch 6pad
- phenolic spacers 8mm for intake manifold
- TGV delete (DIY)
- secondary airpump delete
- Oil-catch-can 2-way
- Intake-air-temperature sensor relocated to inlet pipe at throttle body
- D1spec external oil cooler 15 rows
- Deatschwerks 65c fuelpump
- Deatschwerks injectors 750ccm
- Blouch TD05-18G XT-R turbo
- MAC 3-Port boost solenoid
- TOMEI inletpipe
- Mishimoto front mount intercooler
- Mishimoto air intake

- Perrin front endlinks
- D2 Racing "street" coilovers
- Megan Racing brace front
- Ultra Racing brace rear
- CUSCO stabilisators front 23mm, rear 20mm

- Godspeed G-Hook brake discs 2pcs front
- Carbon Lorraine CL5+ brakepads front
- Brembo discs rear
- Brembo pads rear
- GrimmSpeed master-cylinder-brace
- brake cooling DIY with foglight covers

- Invidia downpipe 3" 200cpsi
- TSUDO N1 catback 3"

- Sparco Assetto Gara 8x18" offset 45 with Yokohama Advan Neova AD08-R 245/40
- 20mm wheel spacers per wheel

- R4 bonnet vents
- Aerocatch bonnet locks
- Spec-C roof vent
- red overlays for rear lights
- antenna delete

- Sabelt GT130 bucket seats driver+passenger
- OMP 4 point harness driver+passenger
- OMP steering wheel "WRC"
- switch panel on steering wheel, buttons for indicator left/rigt + flash
- D1spec steering wheel quick release
- carbon fiber door panels front+rear
- i-tecc battery LiFePO4 12,5AH, 1,7kg
- Prosport oil temperatur gauge, sensor on 3. cylinder
- Prosport boost gauge
- Innovate AFR gauge
- complete interior deleted
- Google Nexus 7" tablet for data recording, OBD monitor, laptimer
- radio+speaker deleted
- airbags deleted
- climate control deleted
- wiper reservoir relocated to trunk
- TITUS Automotive rollcage

Mapped by tracktoys.de

Actual weight:
1420 kg/3130.56 lb with 90% tank, without driver



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Some new stuff for the racecar :naughty:

Selfmade acrylic windows (Macrolon) with sliders from plastics4performance (UK):

I also cut out the doors and saved 3.6kg on each rear door and 4.7kg per front door.

A CAE ultra shifter found its way to the car, together with a custom centre console and 3D printed shift knob.

And i finally got my new dress, DIY cusco wrap.


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so you fitted 8x18 et 40 with 20mm spacers? with AD08R in 245/40
i thought even 8,5x18 et 35 ist rly tight to manage.

rolled the fenders?

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~1460kg incl. driver (74kg) and fueled up 95%.
That’s more reduction than I excepted, but less than I hoped. I love your setup!

I have a goal of getting under 3klbs, or 1360kg. If your interested, I’ll post up once I have everything back together.

Btw, how much work is installing that CAE. I have one coming, but not entirely sure what I’m in for?

Do you have any videos of you using it?


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CAE Shifter is easy to install but requires some modification.
You have to extend the stick to the transmission around 45-50mm. Also the holes in the mounting plate will not fit, you have to drill new ones.

Sorry i have no video of using the shifter.
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