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Production numbers

Hey all. I'm new to the list, but a long-time lurker.

I went to the Schaumburg Subaru dealership a couple of weeks ago .They claim to be the largest dealership in North America and are expecting 3-5 STis in the first run. I don't necessarily believe them, but I don't have access to any figures to agree with or dispute their claim.

They asked for a $5,000 (yes five *thousand* dollars!) NON-refundable deposit. Well... of course... I paid it and am #3 on the list. I was told it would be sold for MSRP. But my dumb-a$$ walked out without getting that in writing. It is written on the credit app sheet I filled out and signed, so hopefully they didn't shred that as soon I drove off the lot.

By the way, they cashed the check already - I saw it on my bank statement. I thought the sales guy told me they would just hold onto it, but I was too excited to really pay much attention.
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