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Does Chicago have a Waiting List? For MkIVSupra

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MkIVSupra posted:

Ok, so where can I get on a waiting list? I live by Chicago. From what I hear if the STi comes here it will be limited production, which is good cause I like driving a car that not everyone has. I want to make sure I get one though. So if anyone knows of a place in Illinois that has a waiting list or even taking pre-orders, let me know.

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Well, I plan on making it around to some of the local Subaru dealers tomorrow(Sat) to see what they are doing. I would call but I think it might be better to do it in person. If not though I would come to Coloroda if I have to. I just don't want to risk not getting one if they are limited production. I wan't one so bad. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks.
Went to one of the local Subaru dealerships. I only went to one, the biggest one in the area, cause I figured if anybody around here gets them, they will. Well I was almost laughed at till I said I will get on one of the other waiting lists that dealers are starting cause I don't want to risk not getting one. After I said that then one of the salesmen took my name and number down and said I would be the first one he calls when they hear of an STi coming for sure or start a waiting list. He said to check in every once in a while. I told him he will see me at least once a month till I have an STi. I am usually there for an oil change every month or so anyway. I told him about the Legacy I have now and he actually described my car to me so I know he has seen me there before which I guess is good. They did have 4 WRXs with the body kit and 17s on that looked nice... must hold out.
I went to the local Subaru dealership yesterday for an oil change. This is the same dealership I go to every few weeks to show my face so they don't forget me and my interest in an STi. Well I checked with the salesman I usually do and him and another salesman both said the STi will be here in about a year at around $32k. This helps me to believe more now that the STi is coming since they went from almost laughing at me when I first talked to them to now saying it will be here
Chicago dealerships

Well, the dealer I have talked to a few times so far did not have and didn't want to start a waiting list, but it was Subaru Of Schaumburg.

I don't think there are any in the city limits. I think if you go to Subaru's web site, you can get a list of all the dealers in the area.
Thanks, but I already ordered one at a dealer not far from me.
STi theme song?

Hell yeah. I have been waiting for 10 years now. :D
I would not pay over MSRP. All my paperwork says MSRP. I was the first to talk about it at the dealership I went to. Then when I heard Subaru was taking orders for an idea of interest I went in and filled out a buyer's order back in October and gave them a $500 refundable deposit. So far now I am the first one on the list and there are, I think, 3 others behind me with actual "orders". The salesman told me that they got a memo from Subaru and STi allocation will be based on WRX sales. Make sure the dealer you go to sold a lot of them. If they sold some there is a good chance they will get at least 1 STi, but if I was 4th or lower on the list I would look elsewhere just to make sure I have a good chance of getting one. Even if you are lower on the list and you are still able to get one it will prolly not be till the end of the year if Subaru is only releasing about 300 a month.

I talk to my salesman pretty much weekly now. Whenever I hear something new I try to verify it with him. Sometimes he heard it sometimes he didn't. Now I know the color choices, I think. I am just waiting for the price and weight.

Good luck everyone. I hope everyone that really want's one can get one.
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Interesting. SOS is the first dealership I started hounding about the STi. They kept telling me they did not know anything about it. Then when I heard Subaru was taking orders I called them and they still said they heard nothing. I used to go there for all my maintenance on my Legacy and would talk to a salesman all the time about the STi. He of course kept trying to talk me into a regular WRX and would tell me how the STi will not come here. He also said I would be the first person he would call if the STi does come here. I was there for my last oil change in January and the salesman asked if I put my money down. I said yes but not here. He was supprised. I told him I wanted to make sure I get one and since they never wanted to do anything... so I asked how many orders they had and he said 5. I asked how many they would get and he said 7 because they are the largest dealership, aren't they all. He asked what I put down and I told him $500. He looked real supprised when I told him that. BTW, I highly doubt any dealer will get more than 1 from the first allocation. Someone just posted that he heard Subaru was shipping the fisrt 3 allocations in the first 1 to meet demand, so maybe it might have changed.

You might want to make sure what number you really are on the list because $5k is a lot for them to be sitting on making interest off of. If you are lower than 3 you will probably not get an STi till later in the year. No offense, but $5k non-refundable, why would you do something like that. The way SOS works I am sure they will have a nice big markup. If you want I can give you the name of the dealership and salesman I am going through. One way or the other, good luck.
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OMG!! I just about had a heart attack!! I called my dealer to check on things and see if they heard anything new. When someone answered I ask for my salesman and they said he no longer works here!!! :eek: I was like WHAT! So I asked to talk to his manager or someone else. They put someone else on and I tell them I am wondering about a car I order though this guy a while ago. The other person is like, "the STi", I said yes, and he said those have all been sent in already. I was like WHEW! I thought my chances of getting one now might have been shot. He said no you are ok. It almost ruined my day or more like the whole year. My heart rate is still up. I need a drink or something. I will definitely be stopping in there this weekend to re-confirm things. I am still a little nervous. I have had a weird feeling for a while now, since I heard that Subaru is actually going to bring the STi here, that something is going to happen to get in the way of me getting this awesome car. I will feel so much better once one is actually sitting in my garage.
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