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Does Chicago have a Waiting List? For MkIVSupra

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MkIVSupra posted:

Ok, so where can I get on a waiting list? I live by Chicago. From what I hear if the STi comes here it will be limited production, which is good cause I like driving a car that not everyone has. I want to make sure I get one though. So if anyone knows of a place in Illinois that has a waiting list or even taking pre-orders, let me know.

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Could you post the name of the dealership and their address? I'm moving to Chicago in July and want to get my hands on one, or at least get on a waiting list. It should be a nice present for my 32nd birthday!

Thanks for the info. Does Chicago have any Subaru dealerships within its city-limits? You don't see 1/2 as many Subies on the road there as you do out here in the Denver-area...

1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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