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:-? I ordered the STI and was told I am # 4 in line. I requested the blue of course and was guaranteed, something doesn't feel right. I don't to be like the kid who didn't get the scooter for christmas. any suggestions?
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IMHO the marketspace Subaru are selling the Sti into is very small. I think it will sell but there is a ton of competition above, below and direct both here now and coming, Evo, R32 Golf, Volvo S60R, RX8, 350z, Acura TSX, GTO plus the new Audi S4, M3 etc. I know the Sti is better than all of them but most people don't know that. Even in the UK Sti sales were relatively small compared to the regular WRX (this is partly due to insurance costs which are huge on the Sti. Very few under 25 year olds can afford the insurance. That could happen here if the Evo/Sti get a bad insurance reputation due to theft or accidents). I think pricing will be critical here. The R32 which has a superb interior will be around $25-27k. not as fast but great build quality. Having seen the Sti at the Chicago Autoshow it looks good but the interior is simply not luxurious enough for most people looking to spend 35-40k on a car. It is interesting to see the WRX sales have slowed dramatically in recent months. I can still see Subaru setting the Sti pricing at $29,995. Then they would really have the market to themselves.
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