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Dipped wheels black!!

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I just recently used the plasti-dip to paint my rims a flat black on my all new 2013 STi. I did it myself and it took a very long time. I took the wheels off and painted them against a wall in my garage. I did five coats on each rim. Every 20 mins I would apply coat and turn the wheel 90 degrees so I was able to cover every angle of the rim. I also painted my lug nuts red with a red plasti-dip. I only did two coats on the lug nuts and waited around 2 hours for them to dry before I put the wheels back on. The red and black matches the color scheme of my car. I believe it came out great and I love the flat black. If this the look you are going for on your rims it is definitely worth the effort!!

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sorry guys i forgot to post the pics lol. my bad but here they are!
Love it. Black on black on black. Looks mean with the tint and wheels!
yea it was around 3 to 4 cans of flat black plasti dip and one can of red plasti dip for the lug nuts. each can is worth around 8 to 10 bucks depedning if you buy in i store or online.
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