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I also got this off of NASIOC, but with some help from my inside source. Oh, and Paul Hanson's NASIOC username is Shirokuma.

Originally posted by ewt
Shirokuma, is the automatic setting of the DCCD "better" than whatever it would get otherwise? I would rarely go into manual mode as I am sure that I wouldn't know what I was doing, but if the auto setting is an electronic diff. then it might be worth quite a bit just for that, if the option is, say, a viscous coupling that takes some time to engage (as some people have mentioned is noticable.)

The DCCD that I sampled in the standard STi and spec C was virtually unnoticeable in automatic mode. As in, I felt nothing artificial about it, nor any hesitation to it. What I experienced was throttle-induced oversteer that felt, well, great. It had more steer-by-throttle predictability than the 350Z which I had drove extensively. I felt no need to play with the manual settings, to be honest. I did, and while it felt even more rwd biased when that was done, it is such a seriously fast car that I preferred the less twitch automatic setting, which transparently kept things under control. For my tastes, it worked better than the system in the GT-R and the Evolution - the GT-R just managed to either feel heavy, or when the systems kicked in, I could really feel them kicking in. And the Evo just felt artificial - it would turn in great, handled great, but I felt like I was in a glorified videogame. I'm a very visceral driver, I grew up driving lightweight rwd cars that had incredibly direct feedback, and because of that I feel uncomfortable with most of the electronic aids on cars today. The new STi DCCD-a system did not feel at all artificial, an amazing feat since it must be.

I would gladly pay up to 5k extra on nearly any turbo Subaru to have that system. It works wonders that I thought I'd have to buy an RWD for.


Paul Hansen
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