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Did i switch these vacuum lines?

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Hopefully the picture works but I installed my Ixiz AOS seperator today and while putting back everything I realized I had forgotten which connects with which. Right now I have the hose from the intake manifold going to the lower of whatever this solenoid is and the top hose goes to a T that goes to...?

Also I was following Ixiz's install guide with reference from Subie TV's install of the Crawford's AOS and I noticed the main difference is that Ixiz keeps the oem pcv in play. Is this a good thing? I hope so because it is a [email protected]*( to get that PCV valve off the crank case and a $#%^ to pull off my MRT TMIC.

Finally I had to add some up slope to the hose with the check valve and I believe at one point it is higher than the other hoses entrances into the AOS separator. Is this an issue?


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i just looked at mine.
you have them correct.
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