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depressing meeting with my dealer...~$37900

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Blue w/silver STi in Chapel Hill NC

i had my deposit down in january; 3rd on the list. purchase order says msrp. i stopped in today to get an eta. turns out they're getting 3 on the first shipment which arrives on june 2nd. we confirmed mine was white/gold and on it's way. i'm happy.

then he says, "let's go over the pricing". bottom line: $37900!

msrp+shipping : ~$31545
5yr/100k warranty: $1350
environmental protection: $595
lojack: $995
market adjustment (markup) ~$3415

the middle three items are obviously optional and i didn't ask him for those things. however, the markup is what pissed me off. i said, "but my understanding was i was buying this at msrp". he said, "yeah, but they're marking them all up...demand, supply, yada yada." i left. :evil: i'll check with a few dealers in the area to see if they're all marking them up. if so, i'll ask for my deposit back and just wait. i'm in no rush. been waiting 8 years; what's a few more months.

so. murley old buddy. :) you've said publicly you won't charge over msrp. and i think you quoted ~$500 shipping to DC/northern va. are you getting a white/gold anytime soon?

EDIT: my dealer sent me an email with the exact costs. the markup is $3154 (my dyslexia kicking in) and epp is $500. bottom line cost if $37,544. and i don't think that includes ttl. (??)
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We are totally honoring MSRP here if you wanna get a STi here in CT.That is total crap what your dealer is doing to you!

Brian Ichter
Secor Subaru
New London,CT
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