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depressing meeting with my dealer...~$37900

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Blue w/silver STi in Chapel Hill NC

i had my deposit down in january; 3rd on the list. purchase order says msrp. i stopped in today to get an eta. turns out they're getting 3 on the first shipment which arrives on june 2nd. we confirmed mine was white/gold and on it's way. i'm happy.

then he says, "let's go over the pricing". bottom line: $37900!

msrp+shipping : ~$31545
5yr/100k warranty: $1350
environmental protection: $595
lojack: $995
market adjustment (markup) ~$3415

the middle three items are obviously optional and i didn't ask him for those things. however, the markup is what pissed me off. i said, "but my understanding was i was buying this at msrp". he said, "yeah, but they're marking them all up...demand, supply, yada yada." i left. :evil: i'll check with a few dealers in the area to see if they're all marking them up. if so, i'll ask for my deposit back and just wait. i'm in no rush. been waiting 8 years; what's a few more months.

so. murley old buddy. :) you've said publicly you won't charge over msrp. and i think you quoted ~$500 shipping to DC/northern va. are you getting a white/gold anytime soon?

EDIT: my dealer sent me an email with the exact costs. the markup is $3154 (my dyslexia kicking in) and epp is $500. bottom line cost if $37,544. and i don't think that includes ttl. (??)
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first sti in virginia (??) @ stohlman subaru, tysons corner

Those dealer mark-ups are crazy :evil: but that can be expected from these impulse buyers who don't have anything about MSRP in writing.

My $500 deposit is w/Paul Bros Subaru in Herndon,VA and I have a Buyer's Order stating MSRP in writing. They contacted me today and said my Blue STi will be in next week.

I would definitely walk from that dealer you are with. Don't get caught up in the hype. You will find dealers selling them at MSRP in our area.

BTW, what dealer are you talking with?
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