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so i brought my car over to the local subaru dealer.DCH in wappingers falls, NY.
I have had a few minor problems with the car, that includes the a/c blower motor, rear suspension, clutch and brakes..
I figured they would not do the brakes and the clutch, so w/e

But then i guess acording to the dealer my rear srpings were knocked off of the shock and the strut caps were broken because of a minor car acciden.

Idt it is possible for that kind of damage to occur in a church parkinglot(where my car was hit)... maybe i dont know anything, i just repair diesel trucks for a living, and have been in auto mechanincs for 1/2 my life..
But yeah, she said the dealer will not cover it, + i have to pay for the time it spent in the shop..

So now, nothing is done, i havent had my car for over a week, and i have to pay 100.oo to them. Luckily i didnt have to pay for the tow's but come on. OH, they broke do to this.. bull... they were making noises such as a blown shock would since july, when i drove her down to myrtle beach.'

I guess that goes to show you what happens when you pay 3oK for a car, with a great warantee.. which includes jack....

Very happy to void my warantee in a few weeks.....

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