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I've been reading this forum and several other STi/Subaru sites for
over a year now & owned a 99 2.5RS, but this is my first post & I
guess it's because I'm excited about finally hearing when my STi will
get here! My Subaru dealer gave me the cell phone number of the
regional manager who handles allocations for western PA. Anyways,
I called him up this morning (this is the second time I spoke to him)
& he said my car was allocated and I'll be receiving my VON (vehicle order number) very soon. Anyways, he said my car should be here late May or early June. Just thought I'd pass along the info. I can hardly
stand the wait now, even though I put a deposit down in Dec 02.

Later, :D
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sweet. hey, can you ask your guy for the phone number of the allocation manager for the dc/norther virginia area. ;) what color are you getting?
no prob. i was kidding. that guy would get buried with phone calls.
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