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Defi gauges

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Bodykits for sti

anyone have the set of defi gauges installed into their sti?
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wewu: I posted on the nasioc thread also. Around Christmas time I came so close of going with the older BFs. But right before I bought I decided to wait, even though it would have been a good time to install them on my car. Needless to say, I am stoked. Oil pressure, EGT, and boost here I come.
Hey I'm with Hispanics! Count me in ASAP!

BTW, ha-evolution used an SEM color for that(I saved the NASIOC thread he posted).

Also if you like the color match on this other guy's Defi pod, the paint he used was SEM Medium Smoke which can be found here:

The original thread that this pic came from can be found here:

I may just end up getting the SEM paint and painting the pod myself, hope this helps bro.

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Front speakers that DON'T vibrate the door panels

ok fellas i got em ! now , where exactly is the oil pressure sender screw into , the fuel pressure feed and the egt? newbie here but willing to try the install, lots some exp with other cars done heades etc. subie newbie

all help apprecialted- the directions provided are not subi style
Did you get the red ones or the white ones?
i beleive they are white but they are not plugged in yet and i hear the reds wont be out for a while

Curious about the LCD in the left of the picture, does anyone know what that is?
Yes, its a G-Tech.
got some nice pics on my car domain site...i didnt go with the black face...i have trouble seeing as it is! check em out
What is the maximun boost your defi gauge records for you. I just installed mine and I do not know what the conversion of psi to kpa is.
I have hit 1.3 bars on mine....there is a conversion on this site somewhere..I think its like 17.5 psi. Car was pullin nice 8)
1bar = 14.5 psi = .1MPa
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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