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No the defi bf's only come in the super white color.

edit: I was wrong defi has made the debut of the red/red defi bf gauges at the toyko auto salon. Scoop by gruppe-s on nasioc.com.

really pisses me off that I hadn't waited to get these, plus they are releasing a cu ver. 2.5 also.

Ha evolution,

I have the Defi bf oil pressure gauge also, and I was wondering if you found a way to disable the annoying beeping when you have your ignition to accessories on position. Seems to be a warning light to let you know the oil pressure is at 0 psi, but even when the car isn't even on. It is annoying the hell outta me cuz I can't even listen to the radio ne more while getting gas or something, cuz of that infernal beeping. Ne help would be great

Also just to let you know, if you go to the defi english site and fill in the form, send them pics of your setup and your car, they will send you a cool alum. defi badge. Mines on the way :D

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