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Finally got around to installing my dw300 fuel pump in my sti. Official part no for sti is dw301. Install was the same as:


Had to grind off two more tabs from fp housing for a total of 7 tabs. Some of the tabs that i ground off may have been unnessary, but isnt difficult to do. Grinding of the fuel pump is not nessary for DW unit unike some reviews i have seen for the walbro in gr stis.

I did use an extra napa o ring just in case as others have with the walbro unit. Looks as if it may not have been necessary but the way i see it, it was a cheap part and did not want to have to deal with removing entire unit because of a poor seal. You only need one extra oring and combined with the prev used stocker, i put on two orings.

I bought extras by accident, if you need them, ill send you for $1 incuding shipping. :)

Dw fp hooked right up to stock connector. I did not need any parts that was included in the dw install package and reused the stock old fuel filter just like the walbro.

Word of caution, how to install referenced above specified that fuel may leak from removing lines so i was not fully prepared for the amt of fuel that came out of my lines. Almost 3 cups of fuel i would say. In additional to laying out towels, i would recommend having a cup of container to catch all the 'may' come out. I use may lightly as i dont see how any would not spill out. Watch out for the middle hose when disconecting

Prior to starting i primed it about 5 times. Just turn key to on position, hear the pump and fuel refilling cup, turn off, and repeat. After turning over twice it started right up. Have not started a second time to confirm, but i dont forsee having a problem.

One thing i really love about the dw puel pump is how quiet it is! Had a walbro unit in one of my prev cars and it was very noisy even though it was located all the way in the rear of the car, almost twice as far asa from the driver in the gr sti which is locatd only about 3 ft beneath the rear rt passenger seat. I could not tell the diference in sound from stock! Only when initially priming could i hear it, did not hear it after when driving.

Overall an excellent unit, great cutomer service, approved for e85 unlike the walbro, and in my opnion worth the premium price over the walbro unit because of its quietness and better flow.
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