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Hello all,
The next meeting of DC All Wheel Drive will be on Thursday, 09/10/09 at 7:15. This is a regular meet, so we will be meeting for a little while, then going inside to eat. Anyone with a love of cars is more than welcome to attend!

Clare And Don's Beach Shack is located at:
130 North Washington Street
Falls Church VA
Clare And Don's Beach Shack, Fresh Seafood In Falls Church, Live Music

Link of map: here

Most up to date information found on our web site at www.dcawd.com

Let me know if you are coming so that we can try to keep an accurate count.

Note: This is an AWD, we meet no matter what Mother Nature throws at us! We are not restricted in anyway to AWD, we welcome anyone with a love of cars!

Take care all and I hope to see you there!

Sabre (Julian)
President, DCAWD

P.S. If you have troubles getting there or want to ask questions, feel free to call us at 202-255-3094

So far:
1.) Sabre (Blu STI)
2.) Elzorro (Red FXT)
3.) Complacent (Blk FXT)
4.) Thermobox (Wht STI)
5.) MrKleen (Blk WRX)
6.) WRXWagon2112 (Wht Wag)
7.) Zaxrex (Blu WRX)
8.) Drwrx (Gry Wag)
9.) Chicken n waffles (Gry LGT)
10.) Libra Monkee (Blu STI)
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