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Dazed and Confused

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good news

Hi All:

This is my first post here. I am really excited about the STi but am very confused about the ordering. Many people say they have a deposit down at a dealer but the three dealerships here in Sacramento are not accepting deposits yet. I have my name on a couple of lists but the dealers say they wont take deposits until order info is given from SOA. Any ideas on this discrepancy?

Also, I have read in a couple of places, and also was told by a Subaru product specialist that I talked to at a local car show, that the STi will not just be distributed to dealers. The dealers must have an actual order for the car and submit the order to SOA before a car is allocated. This is to prevent price gouging. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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yxan2 said:
scott dont worry its the same for me :) if you are number 1 or 2 on that dealers list i think you will get it dont worry...
There are some people on the NASIOC site that are pretty tight with subaru, and a lot of dealers (like the dude from Irvine Subaru) who are also car nuts frequent that site too. They are actually predicting that after the first round of insanity, the STi will be pretty easy to get. (Good for me, because I"m buying a house this year)
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