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dangers for subaru

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I happen to hate what they have done to the front of the new impreza. I shouldn't however leave out that i hated the front of te current one when it first came out. Now I love it an what does Subaru do, they change it. I understand the financial aspect of it, and though the U.S. sales have been soaring since it's launch, it is suffering in the rest of the world.

What worries me is that the current design is only a couple of years old, and the only reason they changed the design was because most thought they had made a mistake. I happen to dislike the front along with most of America, however I do not know how the rest of the world feels on it. Please provide some feedback. Also i must ask if you think the new look will improve global/U.S. sales.

I believe that Subaru is making a premature decision in doing this, I just hope they don't make a habit out of it.
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I got used to the bug-eyes. I love the new front end. I would take either STi. Stateside opinion.
I like both designs. The round headlights I did not like at all when I first saw them, but like most people it grew on me. The new look I like a lot more than the round headlights. I would also take either in STi form, preferrable the new one, because what matters to me more is the specs of the car not so much how it looks. Which is also why I believe the WRX sold so well here. Most people bought it for the package you got and there was no other vehicle at the time that could compare. So far everyone I talk to that does not like the new look, currently owns a WRX and I am sure are a little biased, everyone else likes the new look more than the old. I would like to see what people would pick if they had a choice between the new look and the old back when the WRX first came to the US.
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I like the New WRX but the Old STi, looks alot better than the new one. I don't think the new STi looks as mean as the old one.
Just an opinion...

I happen to like the redesigned front end. More so than the current design. However I think the GC8 look was just downright awesome.

I also like the changes to the new STi interior overall. I wish they had kept the previous seats but I can live with the new ones.

One has to realize that a lot of the criticism for the front end redesign is not unlike what peoples' reactions were to the current look when it was first introduced. Overall, though, I think people will get used to the "new" look.

I think apexjapan.com summed it up when they said that the new redesign is how the "new age" impreza should have looked like in the first place which brings me to my final statement.

I think that if the current design (bug-eyes) never existed, I would have had an easier time accepting the new redesign as an evolution of the GC8 body style than I do with the bug-eyed version.

That's for sure.
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Oh hehehe, I forgot about the sales aspect.

Overall, I think it's hard to say how things will go here in North America, although I do think they will be positive.

The rest of the world however is a different story. I think that the new redesign will definately improve things for Subaru.
I like the redesign. I also like the current WRX/STi look. The bug-eyes look pretty cool, aggressive and unique. Sure, the current design+STi look really TOUGH, the new look will also grow on you.

Personally, I think they should design an exterior that follows the form of the GC8 look. But, like many on this site I am one that believes form follows function and that is what turned me on to the WRX/STi in the first place.
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