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Damn: no pass thru? Too bad.

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not impossible to live with, but this car better be priced right. Damn, they are blanking everything.

even my old ///M3 had fold down seats!
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yeah, it is too bad it ain't full fold down, but I think I can live without the 60/40 fold down... :p
Having owned a 1998 RS and being extremely annoyed at the lack of a trunk light...I mean, come on...there is weight savings and then there's a "cheap 8a$tard" feeling.

I currently have money on the Sti and can appreciate the stark performance-minded approach, but for the love of God I hope they have light in the trunk!
If they don't include a trunklight, then might I suggest in investing your money in a flashlight.
Re: Pic of Light Aim Control Switch

I do carry a SureFire as well as the Maglite, however that is beside the point.

Let's get real... Subaru may have performance, but it lacks civility and finish. I'd say that a little ergonomic influence from Honda or BMW would be appreciated (as much as I detest Honda as a rule).

I suppose that at $30K it may be tough to whine too much...but would it hurt so much to add a $2 plastic housing with a light bulb in it or perhaps a $5 ski sack through the center armrest? Most US and European buyers would like to get the most utility out of any vehicle they own...as we cannot all afford a car for every situation.
I have to agree w/ ya 6MM. It seems to me Sube is marketing to the "fast and furious" crowd by going bare bones when in reality the majority of buyers are going to be a bit older (granted, my view is based on nothing more than conjecture). Furthermore, adding a few accoutrements would add such a small change in overall weight they'd would unlikely change performance to any significant degree, especially for 95% of the driving that will be done in the STi. They would however add to "everyday" driving.
wheel color

the canadian version comes with a pass through rear seat{no HID headlights } whish we had a choice :roll:
Just cut a whole in the center! :lol: I got one of those sti light thingys' when I went to the preview, no need for a trunk light.
If you want a really cool look, you should duct-tape a mag light to the inside of the trunk lid! :lol: Anyhoo, I bet there will be somebody or some company that would let you convert the seats to a 60/40 split folddown. What i want, however, is a sunroof. Ill cut the hole myself and install my own if I have to. I dont care if the sti is made for WRC, i want a sunroof! how can you have hot chicks hanging out of the top of your car without a sunroof? its sacreligious, i say!
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