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DAM stays at 0

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So i'm having knock problems again.. My DAM will not get off of 0.. No matter what tune I load.

Cobb, 3" Dp, Comp Clutch stage 3, Perrin Turbo inlet, k&n panel filter

This is a log I did.. line 19 is when I shifted https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmUPFHLJ1JIgdEpTRnd1YXd1YjFwM2UtaUwwdmd0UlE don't know where to even start on this one. This was on cobb stage 2 93 tune. I also tired stage 1 91 tune and economy tune.
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Driving around taking it easy and decided to another log.. and there was no knock at all.. So I went to a stage 1 91 tune, while running 93 and still no knock. I haven't gone in and killed the P0420 CEL that it keeps throwing from no cat. Still driving it 45 miles everyday to and from work with no problems.. hoping tax time I can score a long block I have my eye set on
More updates. I believe this happens after I degrease my motor.. It happened again a couple of weeks ago. Had the same problem for a few days and went away. I have a new motor getting prepped and going to be dropping it soon I hope..
Ever figure out what caused this issue? Was it a plug?
So my DAM levels stays at 0. but all other relevant readings are fine. (fine knock learn, Feedback knock and AF learning 1) So we know that when DAM hits 0 it disables boost control. I have bypassed that and now I always have boost. But it also seems like it fuel cuts at low end until the wastegate opens up and "Wakes up" the engine. QUESTION: That being said, does anyone know what else the 0 DAM level could be restricting/disabling?
Richer AFR and lower timing. Hard to get FBKC and FLKC when there isn't any timing and it's pig rich.
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