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Cusco + Turn In Concepts Suspension Parts!!!

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  • Blue Hella Supertones with Subimods harness - 40
  • Cusco Front Strut Brace - 120
  • Cusco Front Power Brace - 160
  • MAW Rear trailing arms (2inch correction) - 380
  • Front Rear trailing arm bushings - 50(
  • Rear trailing arm bushings - 50


MSI Impreza bushing style trailing arm - 2 inch correction

Features of this arm are as follows:

4130 Chromoly
Tubular for extra rigidity (especially when compared to the open sided stock arm)
Some of the most beautiful speckeled grey powdercoating I have ever seen
Corrected length for lowered cars - this one is for a car dropped 2" lower than stock
The handling difference this makes is truly unbelievable. Almost telepathic turn in.
Results of this arm:

Drastically improved turn in
Crisper response from the rear of the car
Improved dynamic toe loadings due to stiffer forward bushing

VIA: MSI & Turn in Concepts

TiC forward trailing arm bushing - Enthusiast
Firm up the rear of the car
Help traction
Make for crisper handling
Put a smile on your face
What you get:

Shore 80A medical grade urethane bushings
Stainless crush tubes
Basically, the same thing that everyone else is offering with a nice upgrade on the tubes, and LESS EXPENSIVE than everyone else

TiC rear trailing arm bushing - Enthusiast

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You only have to trim the plastic black portion of the factory GD bumpers (in front of radiator and Cusco power brace). It can fit with or without the bumper beam.

*Incase you can't read from the picture.

BOX 1 - " It's best to utilize a sharpie marker , to outline your trim path.
BOX 2 - "The two red lines indicate the trimming zones.

*IF you have foglights, just remember to reconnect both sides , check after installation. You don't want the connections or plastic cover to dangle on your exhaust manifold, or ELH/UEL Headers

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Price shipped for the hellas to 79904, please.
Bump Motivated seller for DC, MD, VA residents.
Very interested in the cusco powerbrace, could you pm me your paypal adress and a shipping quote to 14303. Thanks!
Mos def, chassis rigidity allows the suspension to work easier. An agile car is great car. It gets to point when you have to adjust your dampening and tire pressure etc(37/34psi , 225/40/18's, 25mm spacers). I was pretty hardcore.

you feel a difference in the cusco bars?
Is the Front Power Brace Still available? Again im very interested.....
Pm sent. Anyone talked to the seller lately?
Rear trailing arms and bushing are sold.
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