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Cusco Hyper Single Clutch

The Clutch for those who want more than the usual reinforced clutch. A bolt-on clutch that is comparable to the driving feel of a factory clutch, but yet with so much performance to offer!

Use: Light pedal feel and easy engagement. The strap drive type design using the strap brace/leaf spring allows better feel and response to the driver.

Set Interchangeable: A high level of balance between being driver friendly feeling and power transfer. The clutch cover, disc and flywheel can be overhauled in material and offers higher performance then conventional clutch systems available in the market today!

Pressure: Production feel durable up to 1200kg/f

Silent: No clanking sounds when the pedal is depressed

Attachment: A simple bolt on type. The pull type clutch allows a simple bolt on without adapters.

$1125 WRX or STi (Retail: $1250)

Cusco Twin Plate Clutch

For high-powered cars, with durable, sharp response and straight/repated transmission power.

Metal Twin Clutch System

Heat Resistant: Improved higher friction, longer wear and high heat resistance due to the carbon rich facing used on the disc with ventilated type center blade.

Durability: Self leveler offers longer clutch life. The self leveler system balances wear on the flywheel discs side and transmission side for a longer lasting clutch life compared to other conventional clutches.

Fitting: A "Pull Type" and "Bolt-On Type" offers easy mounting. "Pull Type" does not require any adjuster kits and "Bolt-On Type" allows easy moutning. *Pull type and push type are used depending on the cars.

$1584 WRX or STi (Retail: $1760)

Cusco Type RS Limited Slip Differentials

The Low Initial TYPE RS

*Low power loss means better lap times for even the mild tuned of cars
*Chattering is kept low
*Improved durability as clutch plates are low pressured
*The LSD efficiency is higher with smoother oil flow between plates.

The Benefits

According to CUSCO'S in house research, initial torque is 50 to 70% lower compared to the conventional cone plate type LSD enabling lower drive friction and better response.

The Type RS's Durability

* Special precision springs, set in the pressure plate, assure steady coil movement
* Clutch plates do not stick together like convetional cone plate type LSDs. Therefore less clutch plate wear or deterioration occurs.

The Benefits

The Type RS LSD had proved to be capable of competition use in the All Japan Gymkhana Championship without overhauling a single time during the season. With all drivers and teams finishing with good or championship reuslts at the end of the season.

$1080 WRX or STi front (Retail: $1200)
$981 WRX or $1080 STi rear (Retail: $1090 WRX/$1200 STi)

Kartboy Short Shifter

$100 WRX/$150 STi
$125 WRX/$175 STi with linkage bushings

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does the kartboy shortshifter come with front and rear bushings???

this is for an 04 sti.

if not, how much for the entire set shipped to 91801
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