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Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar Type II
Part # 692 477 A

Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar Type II - Subaru WRX STI 2008-2014 | 692 477 A

Install took about 25 minutes:
Use 17mm & 19mm impact sockets & a breaker bar or ½ drive ratchet

I used this for guidance: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/cusco-front-lower-brace-legacy-5656.html?t=5656

- Jack front of car & place jackstands
- Replace both triangular plates at the rear control arm bushing (2 bolts & 1 nut) with new ones and loosely install the two rear bolts.
- Remove both inboard control arm bolts (17mm), position the brace so it lines up with the bolt holes (and over the rear bushing studs).
- Reinstall the control arm bolts. Place a jack/jackstand/beefy arm under the control arm to help line up the bolt holes.
- Install control arm rear bushing nut, then tighten it and the 2 bolts down to approx. 100 lb/ft.
- Tighten inboard control arm bolts to approx. 80 lb/ft. I usually torque these down with the weight of the car on the wheels to prevent suspension binding.
Done! :)

Installed on 2009 WRX with:
245/40-19 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 tires
2011 STI springs
Koni shocks
22/22 sway bars
2015 STI steering rack & Perrin steering damper lockout
SPC rear lower control arms
Rallitek adjustable rear endlinks
Rallitek adjustable rear toe arms

Front control arm rear bushing (ALK)
Steering rack
Rear subframe & differential
Rear trailing arm (front and rear)

The front end is more precise and direct with this brace installed. While coming in hot through a corner - especially when pitching the car sideways - I get a much more direct feel for where the tires are pointed and how much adhesion they have. I don’t have to continually correct the steering angle (countersteer) while waiting for the chassis to “settle in” under hard cornering. The subtle front end squirm under hard cornering is pretty much eliminated by this brace.
No additional NVH, just a more solid feel to the front wheels - great for a DD car. This brace paired with a 15+ STI steering rack makes the front end so much more precise. If you autocross or race, I highly recommend it.
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