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I came home from the NY International Auto show and I was wowed by the new STi....

I couldn't get my mind off of it... on June 2nd I picked up my "second choice" STi because the one at Suburban received a deposit before I was ready to buy it.

9/25/2017 Edit
Well it is time to re-establish what is going on with this car.
Yes I still have it. It is now on engine # 3.
The basic info on the engines:
#1 Stock blown when the fuel pump I installed cavitated and caused the engine to lean out.
#2 Stock Blown when I raced a harley after I noticed it was starting to burn more oil than normal.
#3 what I'm on now. (built engine)


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Re: CTSparkys 2011 Plasma Blue Pearl

EJ257 703 Casting oil galleys ported And Blueprinted/ Balanced assembly
JE FSR non billet Pistons and ring set
Manley H Tuff Rods
ACL Race Bearings with WPC Treatment
New 2012+ Heat Treated Crank
New 11mm Oil pump
New Oil Cooler
Refreshed w25 Heads with multi angle valve job
New OEM Valve Springs and retainers
Stock Valves
ARP 2000 Head Bolts
Killer B Oil pan / pickup/ Baffle
Dominator 3 XTR 10cm Stock Location turbo with IAG Wastegate bracket (Closed)
Turbosmart 5 port BOV (ATM)
Turbosmart Hypergate 45 EWG
Process West Top Mount intercooler tapped with IAT sensor
Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS
Air Pump Delete
KStech 73mm Air intake into a COBB cold air box
Perrin Inlet Hose to Agency Power Hard inlet

Fuel System
IAG Fuel Rails in a parallel setup
-6 ports/ line
Fore Innovations FPR 200
Radium GR Fuel basket with a Walbro 450 HP fuel pump Hardlined E85 compliant
Cobb Flexfuel Ethanol reader with full setup

Killer B Holy Header EWG
Perrin Catted Divorced (the plate cut into) 3" Downpipe
Greddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust

Whiteline 24 mm Swaybars front Set to hard
Whiteline 22 mm Swaybars rear with bracing set to hard
Kartboy Endlinks Front/ Rear

Whiteline rear diff insert bushings
Whiteline Trans mount bushings
OEM Group N Trans Mount
Torque Solutions Pitchstop (dogbone)
Torque Solutions Engine mounts
Kartboy Short Shifter Bushings (Holy Shift Kit)

Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
Goodridge Stainless Steel Lines
DBA 4000 Front Rotors Slotted
Hawk Ceramic Pads Front/ Rear (Street car)

LED White/ range Turn Signals with relay
Rear LED Brake lights in rear reflectors

GTSpec Steering Wheel
SMY Cluster maker dual gauge pod (AFR and Boost)
Driver Side 52mm vent gauge pod (Innovate Oil pressure/ Oil Temp)
STi weighted shift knob
Defi 30 psi boost gauge
AEM Wideband o2 sensor (Version 1)
Innovate dual oil pressure/ oil temp gauge (Oil pressure tee'd into front galley plug oil temp into oil pan)
Cobb Accessport V3

Redline 5w-30 ester based motor oil
Motul RBF 660 Brake fluid
Amsoil 75-90 Gear oil
Subaru blue coolant

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So Whiteline saves the day:

Anyways I heard a clunking sound a few weeks ago and decided I'd ask for the help of my friend jay (that day) to help check out the sound and reset the sway bars to the hard settings.

We set the rears from medium to hard.. not a problem when you have ramps and jack stands.

Then we went to the front and I saw this:

sti 008 by CTSparky, on Flickr

Then I looked at where it bolted in and saw this:

sti 009 by CTSparky, on Flickr

The stud broke from over tightening. So we had to drill out the stud and replace with another Grade 8 M10 bolt, washer and nut. Then we saw that the front sway was on hard.

Then we re-greased all of the bushings since they needed it, and then adjusted the exhaust tips a bit on the exhaust.

(from last week)

sti 003 by CTSparky, on Flickr

To all in the know I have been having some ongoing communications stemming from looking at the front endlink (Kartboy) with the new sway bars (Whiteline).

I initally called Clint at TurninConcepts since they sold me the parts, and asked him why the endlinks were so tilted.

endlink deformation by CTSparky, on Flickr

After a few back and forths with him asking me to measure the sway bar:

sway bar length by CTSparky, on Flickr
It came back that the sway bar is smaller than what should be on the car.

wide angle deform by CTSparky, on Flickr

Now i want to tell you that I don't fault the seller of the sway bars, but I think that maybe he might have confused the part number of the front bar.

So this led me to contact Whiteline about any production error on the length of the front sway bar.

Daniel Tong of Whiteline (and whatever USA reseller here) got in contact with me and we have been having a communication both on the phone and via email daily.

The previous owner is doing his best to recall the original receipt, but I think that ship has sailed.

Regardless, Daniel Authorized and has shipped to me a new properly sized and length bar (I hope, as it is in the mail) for my vehicle. He did this even though I purchased the product secondhand.

Very rarely have I experienced this level of commitment and good customer service. I would based upon my experience encourage my friends to buy Whiteline products since they have earned my business.

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Wicked Big Meet 2018 and Killer B AOS

So after a few years off I went back to Wicked Big Meet this year. Mostly I do it to see friends, and I also use it to see the cool stuff that Subaru brings and occasionally buy some parts.

Overall if you haven't been to one of the Major Subaru meets I think it should be on your short , but not essential lists of things to do. As you could probably expect there was a lot of variation at these shows, and I think the shows cater to those just starting out with their cars, although there is something for everyone there. Of note there was a vape booth. But I digress.

I went there to sell some parts and to see my friends. While there I talked to Killer B and picked up their AOS. I'll put a post in when I'm finished installing it, but I'm hopeful that it will do a better job than my V2 Crawford AOS.

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So to add to the drama, I started noticing that the transmission was having trouble and sometimes grinding into 4th gear.

So I've called my shop and they have suggested that it is the shift fork guides.
It might also be a bent fork.
So I'm going to stop driving the car until i get the funds to pay for the over $1k repair bill.

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ok here is the update to the Journal. In 2019 I noticed a leaner than usual afr at idle. Having had this sign in the past I went and checked all areas of the car.. no vacuum/ boost leaks, but I did notice that my killerb holy header had a crack in the uppipe at the ewg flange. I called killerb and they warrantied the service. I sent the part out and less than 1 week later the new part came back, but in that short bit of time I got annoyed/ depressed with the car and so when the part came back I just opened the box and left it on jack stands...... for 11 months.

A friend of mine got tired of hearing my excuses and told me to man up and put the car back together. The only work I had done in the meantime was switch out the crawford v2 AOS to a killerb AOS.
Soon the weekend of 5/16-5/17 I went through the process of putting the uppipe and other stuff back on the car.. And managed to put the old part on! 😥😓
So the next day I put the new on. I know the new part will probably fail again, but at least I have the lifetime warranty (and I'll use it Chris). Then I got it into the service center for the passenger air bag recall.

At the dealership they told me something I had basically known. I have a leak in the power steering rack at the input shaft and I'll need to get a new rack eventually (I'll get the updated rack when I get the chance). They also told me that my tires were at the end of their life with 5/32nds left.

In a surprising move from my wife she told me that I could use some of our coronavirus stimulus check to buy new tires, and not more than 5 minutes later I was on the phone to get 4 brand new Hankook Ventus RS4's. (My endurance and HPDE friends have tested them and gave me their approval).

Now The grind in 4th gear hasn't shown yet, but I'm sure at some point it will show itself, and at that point I'll probably get the rallispec 5th and 6th gears from the Legacy spec.b and when they go over the transmission if it needs a new syncro I'll do that.

Otherwise it is basic maintenance for the car and the car is running pretty well.

Of course I'd love to go front mount (But I'll only do it if I get a custom bash bar to retain front end collision integrity), but that will likely never happen. The car runs well at this point and does once again put smiles on my face. 😄
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