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I read something like that on I-club and I'm sure the guy was being a smart ass but think about it, aren't all the major car shows down for the season. And soa is putting a huge PR thing together at that rally. Flying in Petter and inviting subaru owners out to the rally....what better way to debute a car than at a rally in front of subaru owners?? Just some wild speculation on my part.

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I agree that there is a good chance that SOA will announce the US STi at the Rim of the World Rally in May. I think SOA would want to announce at a major US car show or SCCA ProRally championship event. 2002 car shows at LA, Detroit, Chicago and NY are over. The only remaining major US car show this year is SEMA in Las Vegas but that's not til November. I doubt SOA would want to wait that long given all the interest and the fact that Mitsu has already announced the 2003 US Lancer Evo. Couple that with the hints SOA has dropped about the Rim of the World rally and it appears that in a few weeks the stars will align and STi will be announced.

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From I-Club:


On behalf of Subaru of America and Subaru Rally Team USA, I would like to specifically invite the members of the I-Club to join us for a special Subaru Owner's event at the Rim of the World rally race on May 3 & 4. We are very appreciative of your enthusiasm toward Subaru and we'll do our best to show you a good time at the RIM. We are still developing our program (this is our first - but won't be our last!), but our activities will include plenty of food and beverages, gifts & prizes, Playstation kiosks, and best of all special access to Subaru World Rally Team driver Petter Solberg! Who knows, we might even be able to get one of you in a SRT USA rally car for a ride with Petter. Feeling lucky?

Visit our registration site at http://www.subaruevents.com <http://www.subaruevents.com> to get more information on the event and register. If you are planning to attend, please register ahead of time - this will help our planning tremendously.

Thanks again for the excitement you have helped generate with the launch of the Impreza RS and WRX (and wait until you see what we have coming!). We hope you can join us at the RIM and watch SRT USA go after a win and claim the Manufacturer's Title again in 2002. See you there...

Jeff Walters
Brand Strategy Manager
Subaru of America

Notice the first sentence of the last paragraph. I am trying to find more info on this. I may fly out there...


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This was also on i-club:

Rim of the World Rally and Subaru is really putting on the dog, and all
the local I-Club people are warmly invited to come out and watch.
We will be offering a printed program at the Holiday Inn with detailed info
about the spectator opportunities. We have worked hard to greatly
expand the number of spectator locations. We have so many you could
not visit them all. This is to try to create a big more elbow room and
lessen the parking problems. When you get to the hotel, you will find
public parking in a larger dirt lot on the far side of the super-stage
area. It is a short walk back to the hotel. Just follow the signs.
Once you have landed you will want to buy a program for a buck to
get all the detailed maps of each area. Then you need to develop
a stradegy for viewing, like I said, you can't go everywhere. We have
four sites Friday night and four more on saturday. Some of the viewing
will require cutting out early from the superstages, so be warned.
Many of the stages are being sponsored by your local Sube dealers,
who are helping out to allow us to make your rally experenice safe,
fun and comfortable. Those porta-potties aren't free! There is one
more possible fee involved. To park in the National Forest you everyone
needs a NFS pass. If you have an annual pass that will work fine. We
will have the boy scouts selling daily passes at each area as well as at
the hotel. So don't forget to bring your annual or be prepared for a $5
daily fee.

When you head into the mountians you should be prepared for heat, cold,
precipitation, wind, dust, etc. So bring a hat, sunscreen, water, maybe
both long and short pants and shirts, a jacket, water and maybe some
food. We will have concessions at some sites. You should also wear
sturdy shoes, because there is some rugged terrain in spots.

Looking forward to meeting as many people as possible.
And thank your local Sube dealer who helped to keep our costs low.

Chief of Spectator Areas
Rim of the World 2002

Paul Timmerman


For a real treat be sure to see Petter Solberg's run at the superstage,
and hang out at the north end of the course. Beyond that my lips are
Notice the "Beyond that my lips are sealed!" :smile:

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Could it actually possibly be?

Seems like a strange way to announce a car.

If they announce it in May, does that mean we get it in 4th quarter? :smile:

Just dreaming. But if they announced in May, they couldn't possibly hold everyone off for another year, could they?

I'm hoping it's true, and they announce it will be here in January.

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Sounds like it could be possible. But it is possible that if they announce it then they could make us wait till next year. My friend said that the EVO was suppose to come out in Jan 03, and if I remember correctly the STi was suppose to come out a few months later. Could be wrong.

Also. Excuse my ignorance but where exactly is this RIM of the world event suppose to take place?

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