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Cool Goodies that come with the STi

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July 11th (Friday at the track) at Summit Point, WV

One thing that really sticks out with the STi is the attention to detail... blue in the seats and doors, needle dance, cool key, red stitching, etc. I was wondering if that will follow through to the owner's manual/packet we will get with the car. How about a tool kit or something. Maybe a limited edition key chain, or something that only people who buy an STi can get. I think when you buy something like a corvette you get a packet with an owner's manual, video, cd case, pen, etc. I don't know exactly what you get but it's not just an owner's manual and thats it. I figured with the STi they would have to throw in some cool stuff. Maybe something that gives advice on how/when to use the DCCD or the water sprayer. A video would be nice. I just was wondering if anyone has an idea of what we might get. Does anyone know what you get when you buy one in Japan or other parts of the world lucky to already have an STi?
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it'd be cool if we got complimentary subaru rally driver suits with each sti so we could pretend we were tommy or petter! :lol:
Oh, yeah? I was under the impression that the security system was standard.
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