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I just did, here is what I sent, and the response:

Dear Mr. Isodoro:

Thank you for visiting Subaru.com and for your interest in our products!

Subaru is only considering the feasibility of an STi version of the WRX for
future model years. We do not have any definite plans at this time. If an STi
version of the WRX becomes available in the United States, it would probably
not be for a couple of model years. Since we have only recently introduced the
WRX to the US consumers, it is too early to confirm the likelihood of offering
an STi version in the US.

Even though magazine articles have stated that the STi version is coming to the
US, the decision to bring the STi here has not been officially established yet.
The magazines were a little premature with their 'announcement.' It was based
on our statement at a press event that if the WRX is well received by the US

We appreciate that you took the time to contact us. I will forward your
suggestion to offer an STi version of the WRX in the U.S., and the rims, to our
Product Planning Department for their review and consideration. In the
meantime, keep your eye on the 'News' and 'Press Release' sections of our Web
site for the latest updates!

Best wishes,
Sandi Parente-Geiges
Subaru of America, Inc.

Please bring the Impreza WRX STI Wagon to the US! Everyone but
the US
seems to have it by now..

Also, bring the euro 17' rims over
as an option for the WRX.. They make the car look so much better..


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Yeah, that first part of the letter is a form letter. That last part though when he replies to your 17" question was all new. These guys actually read the comments.

I ask them a question about turbo vs. supercharging before they brought the WRX to the States. They replied with a really indepth response that was very correct. Something to the effect that superchargers are parasitic in terms of efficiency, which is right on.

So, everybody write them. They'll most likely read your reccomendations and return with a good response.

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