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Coilover spring rate? 10k/8k vs 8k/6k

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Hey guys, I am soon going to purchase a new set of coilover.
(which one? haven't decided yet)

First off, I don't mind a bit harsh ride, I can live with 8k/6k with no problem and I still think it has room to improve the body roll.

I already have Cusco front and rear swaybar (22mm)

But since body roll isn't = bad, I don't know if I should try a set of coilover with stiffer spring rate or just stick with 8k/6k

I don't know if 10k/8k spring rate will be too much on street tires with swaybars (like RT615) and I only track 1-2 times a year.

Assume the new coilover damper setting are good for 8k/6k ~ 10k/8k

I was wondering will the 10k/8k fit my need better or 8k/6k because it will lose so much traction on street tires with 10k/8k?

I'd love to have a stiffer ride but traction and grip is what I concern with street tires :D

I know this is really depends on personal taste, but hope someone can come in and share their thoughts.

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This is a daily driver? It works good on 5k front 4k back?
might want to make a new post. you bumped one from 2009.

and most will tell you 5k/4k is way too soft. i tend to agree.
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