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With all that is going on with the Cobb drama, I wonder if we are going to be seeing a new Accessport (version 4) release in conjunction with other rumors for updates to cobb product.

I am on the fence about buying a V3 for monitoring purposes and potential stage1 flash. With that being said, what are some thoughts out there on this? I understand this recent change is emissions related, but maybe someone can share how they were affected going from a V2 to a V3 accessport hardware and software wise. If there were to be a V4* accessport released what would be areas in which it would be improved upon? I don't want to buy into a V3 if there is a new support product coming that would render the v3 obsolete when pairing with the new rumored products start coming... Some of you OG tuners on here I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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I don't think the V3 will become obsolete so quickly, especially for our cars, being that they just got discontinued.
There are a lot of people who are tuned right now with pre-greenspeed modifications applied and will be in no rush to 'upgrade' their AP.
Going V2->V3 was a complete upgrade.
Going V3->V4 is going to be a problem for a lot of people (or technically a 'downgrade').
Imagine you are running Stage 2 with a downpipe and now that doesn't exist anymore on the V4 and you can't install an old map because it is not compatible with the new accessport lol.

I also don't know how exciting Cobb's new offerings are going to be under their new 'CARB compliant' regime.
They are in a sad state right now.

Before it seemed like Cobb was just an honest 'here is what you need to make it faster'.
Now they seem like they are on the tune of 'here are more things you can buy to put on your car'.

This is "stage 2" for the VA now.... absent of the main things that make more power on our cars.
Stage 2 used to be a downpipe but nope, here is what you get now.
The inlet was never talked about before, it was just something that existed that you could add at the end before a protune if you went past Stage 3.
Fuel lines, fuel pump, injectors, FPR, fuel rails, spark plugs... for what? You are installing an intake.
You can run an intake just fine without the other couple grand in supporting hardware you are not even going to need.
Stage 2 is now essentially Stage 1+SF+Inlet+shit you don't need at this power level.

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15 yrs with Subaru and just over 11 with COBB. Great company but living in CA has pretty much brought all of the excitement of stage "anything" to a crawl. Everyone is aware that just because your car doesn't output anything measurable emissions wise doesn't mean anything from a visual standpoint. As soon as the hood opens, you fail.

Great while it lasted, and I'm sorry these draconian laws are going to smother what little pleasures we have with our cars.. beyond them being super fun to drive. Green Speed is just another word for crippling. Because someone else knows what's best for everyone. NO EV cars in our household yet. The Solterra looks interesting, but it might be a little too late, technology wise. We'll see what 2nd gen has to offer.

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These tuning companies that are tied into manufacturing have a vested interest for their business to succeed, its just going to be a model shift forcing innovation. I can't imagine there to be a forfeit of business to gov't restrictions and enforcements; they like making money. In this case I am not worried about mod restrictions too much, I'm more worried about how current state product will be supported by future state changes. Or will future state be a whole new beginning with ignorance to the newer ICE cars making the used parts market the way to go for modification. The EJ will always have support parts wise, but will software product innovation ignore the street car builds. When warranty's on the newer VA's start expiring there will be an influx of new customers looking to start their builds.
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