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I have a question about using a standard (Stage 1, etc) map from Cobb vs how your car is performing before hand and what you can expect afterward.

Lets say, you are starting with a slightly sub-par hp rating.. Like your car is putting out about 294hp as opposed to the 300 rated by Suby. Will downloading a Map possibly fix that problem and give you the +30 hp from your "should be 300" Base or will it just increase you 30 from 294?

Now, with my car, I am above the typical baseline. Maybe it's how I broke it in, but I am running a stock QTR in 12.96 @ 106.9 or so.
I am probably running a little above stock HP. What I do not want to do is buy a map the same as everyone else that does, and end up equalizing my performance with them.

As it stands right now, maybe it comes down to my driving, but when I drop the hammer in 3rd gear and I can keep up with a friend of mine who has a stage 1 map, or another friend who dropped in a K&N Cold air intake, or another friend who has an exhaust system, and I am completely stock, it tells me there is something about my car that is above the performance of a normal subie. Especially since I know we hit it at the same time.

What do you recommend?
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