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I have a 2016 sti and had a flex fuel kit installed about a year ago. Since then i have had nothing but trouble with these part.

Im on my third module and its finally an a3. Originally installed professionally and since then I've installed the the last two and as well as the new ethonal sensors. I got my new one Yesterday. It was working fine for 10 miles. Popped the low sensor voltage on start and this places the ethanol final at 10 not in the 60's where I know it is. I've rechecked all connections and only have the sensor to blow out and hope for the best but, I'm not sure how thats going to have to any affect on the voltage but thats where I am at. I reached out to Cobb and my Tuner but though I'd reach out here and see if anyone had any ideas or if this has just failed on certain vehicles(2016 sti here)? To be fair the Cobb support staff has been off the carts amazing to work with but we keep getting the same results.

Any one having similar issues, ideas or thoughts? This set up is about to come off my car if I cant get it figured out and that will suck because for lots of reason but mostly because we have e85 everywhere here and its such an easy gain. Its awesome when it works...

Live in MN its pretty cold here now and wet but this has been happening in the dry hot summer.

As well as the Cobb FF Kit we have -
GS Turbo back exhaust
3port EBCS
TGV Deletes
JMA Stage 2 - Fully Built Used Case Halves - 600 WHP
King Rod Bearings
Brian Crower Connecting Rods
Manley Pistons
King Main Bearings
OEM Subaru STI Nitrated Crankshaft
Killer B Ultimate Oil Pickup EJ25 Turbo
Comp Clutch 2004+ Subaru STI Stage 3
Air Pump Delete Kit
Whiteline SwayBar and End link Kit
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