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COBB Accessport V2, AP-SUB-003, Unmarried

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$350, shipped and paypal'd (CONUS ONLY)

My '08 GR is gone, so I'll be slowly selling off what's leftover. First up is the AP. I'll get more pics up when I have time, but it will comes unmarried and with everything you need to get tuning, including:

AP (latest firmware is load, as are current official stage 1 maps)
OBD-II Dongle

I'm sure I can find the instructions and cd, but I tossed those somewhere a while ago, since the latest software is found online and the AP is super easy to use.

As you can see, the paint on the AP, like the STI trim, is easy to mark, but the overall conditions of this unit is good, and the protective cover is original. The AP spent most of its time in the box, only really being removed to update software and/or tunes.
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