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Cobb 3-port EBCS vs. Perrin EBCS Pro

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I have read a few threads here and there that discuss EBCS' and have now boiled my decision down to these two. As I understand it they both use the same valve so theoretically they should work very similarly. My question is for those who have had experience with either or both. Do you like them? Is there one that tuners seem to prefer over the other?

Just trying to finalize my decision with some if any hard facts to pro or con either one. As it sits, I have only been able to determine that it pretty much boils down to personal preference.
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its important to ask your tuner. i was looking at COBBs or GRIMMSPEEDS but once i talked to my tuner he said HOAs ebcs is preferred. never heard of it but he knows his stuff. no problems with it and the car hasnt had a problem in 3 months with it.
Like HeatSource said, "ask your tuner" as some won't even touch your car with an aftermarket EBCS.

That being said, before Cobb closed their forums they stated an aftermarket EBCS wasn't needed on the newer cars, although on older ones, yes it was beneficial.

With this I was on the fence myself in getting one but ran across a new GS EBCS for $80. Installed it and got a pro-tune (required) the next day and enjoy it very much.

I had Dyno runs prior to its install so I could see and feel the difference but the pro-tune was the majority of that most likely.

Good luck with your decision.
Indeed - all the research I have done has lead me to the conclusion that they give you much more solid boost control - and also that yes the tune is what's important with it.

After speaking with the tuner who will be doing mine he suggested the Cobb so that will be the one I go with. Thanks for the info everyone. I am looking forward to getting it all done!
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