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cobb 3 port boost solenoid. should I buy?

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I currently have a 2011 sti sedan
Mods: cobb sf intake w box, cobb catted downpipe. Everything else is stock. Including the catback.im getting it protuned at cobb plano this weekend and I plan on keeping this set up. Just stage 2. Will it be worth purchasing this since I wont be doing any other mods?
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I would go with Grimmspeed because they have been proven to have long term reliability. It's a worthwhile addition since it pays off later on with a bigger turbo but not necessary at Stage 2.
Ok. Stage 2 is prob the highest im going (intake, dowpipe). I just DD my car. Mostly like street racing *closed course**professional driver* lol so theres no positives to get this item for my setup?
Thanks. I never heard or knew anything about this product. But when I called cobb to make the appointment they said it would be good if I got it. so I ordered it (I was too excited about my tune that i didnt ask questions) from gotboost lol. I had to hurry and order it because I get my protune on saturday and wanted to have the 3 port before then so I can install it
Yea it's worth $100. I have one on my e85 setup.
I was/am in the same boat as you. Do I need this? I researched it on Cobb's forums before they closed last month and found a posting from Cobb stating that our current gen STI's boost controller is good enough, but earlier gens would benefit from it. I was surprised a honest answer! This was from a Tuner though, not a Sales Rep. As I too had a Sales Rep say I should get one before I get a ProTune here in Cali. I never called him out on this like I should have. Fast forward to today. I have a Grimmspeed setting on my table waiting to get installed before my Protune, although it’s not at Cobb. Good luck with yours.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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