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clueless dealers...

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i have been on the waiting list for about some time now, and the dealership has gotten 1 STi so far in may. They said they were going to get 3 in the first allocation, and ever since they got their first STi in May (which had a sticker on it saying "delivered April 24th" in Japanese) and yet i am waiting for their call. I used to call every week and ask, but now i stopped since everytime i call, he says it should be in any day. I called there this week, havent called in 2 weeks, and i told him my name and he said "who? do you have the right number?". i was not happy, but i was wondering if there had been something happening to the STis that they are taking so long for delivery. or is my dealer just clueless and repeating to me like a broken record...
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no dealer worth his salt would treat you that way!They have way more info then they are telling you.What color did you order?We are only two hours away from you and have a Blue with Silver wheels coming in that you can have for Msrp.Should be in the middle of August.

Brian Ichter
Secor Subaru
New London,CT
[email protected]
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