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Well, I finally got the time to write a journal. So where shall I begin......It all started when I went to the NYC Auto Show and saw the WRX back in the days. I loved the looks, the hood scoop, and the turbo'ed power boxer engine. That was my goal for me to get that car when I graduate college. Well, my friends sure heard enough "WRX this and Subaru that" that they could tell you every feature of the car till their face turned blue! My first car was a 1986 Camaro with a carb *No fuel injection->whats that lol?!?!*, t-tops that leaked, and no A/C!! So everyone who posts about driving in the snow with the stock tires on the STi, I know what your talking about, try it with an old Camaro!! So as you can see I couldn't wait to get my hands on a NEW car. Well, then came the big one.....the STi right there, unveiled at the NYC Auto Show! I drooled at the car as it spun around and around! I was set on getting that car no matter what! So then came the hurdles of saving, fixing the Camaro, and obviously living the college life. Well, Junior year came around and I was all happy, thinking it was time for me to get the STi, I thought I had enough money, and then it smack me upside the head when I saw with the money I had to put down, how much the monthly payments would be! I was so upset that I didn't get the STi, that I had to have something with AWD! So I bought a R/C Nitro Powered Subaru WRC car, and got a STi body, and painted the color I wanted: Black! Well, I saved and then finally on May 2005, I graduated college, and I had the money I needed to get the STi, and in the end of May 2005 (05/23/2005) I was the proud new owner of a 2005 Subaru OBP STi!!! It was great, a car with A/C, AWD, and enough balls to the wall power that I dreamed about. I named her Black Betty from the song by Ram Jam. Then came this little bug that bite me *mod bug* and I was hooked on buying a new part for the car every month! So without further jibber jabber, here are the pics!!

Current Power

06/03/06 - Tuned at XX-Tuning in CT by Doug from Topspeed on Dynopack Dyno (Readings are in 5th gear pulls) with the Cobb Accessport Version 1.
- 317.8whp & 421.4wtq Pump Gas 93 Octane & Meth 60/40 Tune (Distilled Water/Meth mix) Conservative Tune
- 285.4whp & 352.2wtq Pump Gas 93 Octane Tune

10/16/08 - Tuned at XX-Tuning in CT by Chris from EFI Logics on Dynopack Dyno (Readings are in 5th gear pulls) with the Cobb Accessport Verison 2.
- 402whp & 461wtq Pump Gas 93 Octane & Meth 60/40 Tune (Distilled Water/Meth mix) Conservative Tune
- Had a boost "smoothing" issue with my Blitz SBC ID-3 boost controller, on the road tune the unit smoothed it all out, car should be around a 440whp car now, and maybe 470-480wtq. Car runs like OEM with balls to the wall power.

XX/XX/XX - Tuned at EFI Logics in CT by Chris on a Mustang Dyno with the Cobb Accessport Version 2.
-XXXwhp & XXXwtq Pump Gas 93 Octane & Meth 75/25 Tune (Distilled Water/Meth mix) Conservative Tuned

05/21/15 -Tuned at EFI Logics in CT by Mike Botti on a Mustang Dyno with the Cobb Accessport Version 2.
-642whp and 513wtq E85 Fuel with 29.5 PSI
-484whp and 408wtq Pump Gas 93 Octane with 24.8 PSI
-404whp and 338wtq Pump Gas 93 Octane with 16.8 PSI (Wastegate pressure)

Original Factory Options
  • STi/SPT Short Throw Shifter (Uninstalled)
  • Homelink: Garage Door Opener built into the Mirror
  • Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass
  • Wheel Locks
  • Upgraded Security System
  • Factory Boost Guage on Steering Column (Uninstalled)
  • STi Blue Factory Floor Mats
Mods List


********Built Motor********
Named: "Elexis" by Rob at EFI Logics
Installed at 39,484 miles

[Short Block]

(All work done at EFI Logics)
-AEBS Ductile Iron Sleeves
-JE Time Attack "FSR" 100mm Forged Pistons and Rings (8.5:1 79 Stroke) ( (Post #5102)
-Manley Turbo Tuff Pro Series I-Beam Forged Connecting Rods
-ACL Race Main Bearings
-ACL Race Rod Bearings
-Aeromotive Top Feed Fuel Rails
-Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors
-Polished and Balanced Stock Crankshaft
-ARP Head Studs (Post #5037)
-ARP Block Bolts
-Subaru 2008 STi oil pump shimmed 11mm
-Subaru STi Water Pump (Post #5072)
-Subaru STi Head Gaskets
-Top Feed TGVs (Powder Coated: High Gloss Back to match Cosworth Intake Manifold)
-Blox 3mm Throttle Body Gasket (Post #5614)
-Cosworth Intake Manifold (Powder Coated: Bronze w/ Black Emblem) (Post #5693/5711)
-Baller Bolts Titanium bolts for Vac Block (Post #5813)
-Cosworth Timing Belt Guide (Post #5043)
-Gates Kevlar Timing Belt (Post #5418)
-NGK 1-Step colder spark plugs (Post #848)
-CNC Machined Bored out to 100mm, Balance/Blueprinted rotating assembly to 10k
-Polished Alternator (Post #5116)
-Vibrant Silver Aluminum Cap for APS Coolant Overflow Tank (Post #4900)


Valve job - set valve lash, resurface heads, port heads, and install aftermarket valves.

-SuperTech Exhaust Valves:
Head Diam: 32.50mm (+0.5)
Stem Diam: 5.96mm
Length: 104.20mm (short)
Part Number: SEVN-1012/2
Material: Black Nitrided

-SuperTech Intake Valves:
Head Diam: 36.50mm (+0.5)
Stem Diam: 5.96mm
Length: 103.85mm (short)
Part Number: SIVN-1012/2
Material: Black Nitrided

-SuperTech Spring Set:
Part Number: SPRK-TS1015/SU1
Type: Dual Spring
Press.Seat: 70 @ 35.5
Press.Open: 209 @ 11.5
Max Lift: 14.80
Coil Bind: 20.70mm
Rate: 12.10mm
Retainer: RET-TS60/WRX1+SEAT-TS/SUB1

-SuperTech Titanium retainer seats
-Cosworth KK3766 cams:
-Int 278 Degree / 10.7mm Lift
-Exh 274 Degree / 10.0 mm Lift


  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (With 6AN Fittings and 90 Degree Return Line) (Post #2708)
    -Aeroquip 6AN Fittings (Qty: 03) (Post #2725)
    -Aeroquip 90 Degree Swivel 6AN Fitting for fuel return line (Anodized Red/Blue) (Post #2810)
    -Aeroquip AQP 6AN Black Socketless Hose (For fuel return line) (Post #2825)
  • AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor (Post #6178)
  • APS DR-725 FMIC (Black Core with Bronze Piping) (Post #2058)
  • ARC Oil Cap (Silver/Gold) (Post #3755)
  • Baller Bolts Titanium Bolt kit for ARC Oil Cap (Post #5878)
  • ARC Radiator Cap for Radiator(A-Type, 1.3K) (Post #1258)
  • ARC Titanium Radiator Shroud (Post #3630)
  • ARC Titanium Pulley Cover (Post #3075)
  • A-Spec Titanium Shift Knob w/ Logo (Installed: Need Pics Posted)
  • ATI Performance Products Super Damper Crank Pulley (Post #2810)
  • Baller Bolts Titanium Dress Up Kit (Post #5814/5878)
  • Beatrush Billet Pitch Mount (Post #1920)
  • Beatrush Alternator Light Weight Pulley (Gold) (Post #3801)
  • Braille Special Edition STi Limited Carbon Fiber Battery (15lbs: B2015C) (Post #3730)
  • Braille STi Limited Pink Mounting Kit for CF Battery (Post #3730)
  • Buschur Racing Oil Filter Shield (Carbon Fiber & Gold Foil Film) (Post #4620)
  • BorgWarner EFR 8374 Twin Scroll Turbo (4" inlet, 1.05 A/R T4 flange, external wastegate)
  • Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Lid (Post #3202)
  • Cobb AccessPORT Version 2
  • Cusco Exhaust Hangers (Pg: 42)
  • Full-Race mandrel bent 3.00" Stainless Steel Downpipe (Rotated)
  • Full-Race Lower Manifold w/ EGT Bung (Jet Coating: Silver)
  • Full-Race Twin Scroll Up-pipe w/ Dual TiAL 38mm Flange (Jet Coating: Silver)
    -Full-Race Twin EWG Dump Tubes
  • Full-Race Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Sock (Post #3630)
  • Full-Race Clutch Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Sock (Post #3630)
  • Tomei Full Titanium Catback Exhaust
  • KICS Magentic Oil Drain Bolt (Gold) (Post #1258)
  • KillerBMotorsports Oil Pan with additional sensor for Oil Temp (Powder coated black) (Post #4497)
  • KillerBMotorsports Ultimate Oil Pickup Kit (Post #4497)
  • KS Tech 8mm Phenolic Spacers w/ Gaskets (Post #1677)
  • KS Tech 83mm Cold Air Intake
  • Mechanical CEL Fix for Catless DP (Pg: 31)
  • NGK 1 Step Colder Spark Plugs (Post #248)
  • Okada Projects Plasma Direct Coilpacks (Post #2409)
  • Okada Projects Plasma Spark Plug Boots (Post #2791
  • Peterson Breather Can (Post #396)
    --8AN to -10AN Earl's Expander (Post #3940)
    --10AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose Fitting (Post #3940)
    --12AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose Fitting (90 Degree) (Post #3940)
    --10AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose (Post #3955)
    --12AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose (Post #3955)
  • P&L Motorsports SS AVCS Line w/ Oil Feed Line (Installed: Need Pics Posted)
  • Koyo Radiator (Post #5489)
  • Radium Engineering Full Race Fuel System w/Surge Tank
    --Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
  • Samco Ancillary Hoses (Red) (Post #1970)
  • Setrab Remote Oil Cooler (Black) (Post #7533)
  • SYMS Brake Cap (Anodized Prova Gold) (Post #6332)
  • SYMS Clutch Cap (Anodized Prova Gold) (Post #6332)
  • TiAL BOV (Black w/ 11 PSI Spring, and an Aluminum Flange) (Post #1223)
  • TiAL MVS 38mm External Wastegates x2 (Black w/Full-Race logo w/ 1 Bar spring)
  • T-Bolt Clamps (Post #476)
  • T-Bolt Clamps for APS DR-725 FMIC (Post #2486)
  • DW 350gph In tank fuel pump
  • ZeroSports Cool Thermostat (Post #1846)
  • AEM UEGO Wideband 02 Gauge (Post #159)
  • ARC Titanium Shift Knob (Pg: 210)
  • Autopower Race Roll Bar (Comes with Harness Bar and painted a Charcoal Grey) (Post #1348)
  • AutoSpeed Dead Pedal (Post #1668)
  • Brey-Krause Extinguisher Mount & Halon Extinguisher (Post #3875)
  • Bride GIAS II Gradation CFRP Low Max System Low Cushion x2 (Post #7644)
  • Custom Wrapped Black Suede Headliner (Post #2021)
  • Custom Wrapped Rear Parcel Shelf in Black Bride Material (by JPM Coachwerks) (Post #)
  • Custom Wrapped Door Cards in Black Bride Material (by JPM Coachwerks) (Post #)
  • Custom Black "Oh Crap" Handles, and various interior trim (Post #2021)
  • Defi Imperial Amber Boost Gauge (PSI) (Post #832)
  • Defi Imperial Amber EGT Gauge (Exhaust Gas Temperature) (F) (Post #2058)
  • Defi Imperial Amber Oil Temperature Gauge (F) (Post #4298)
  • Defi Imperial Amber Fuel Pressure Gauge (PSI) (Post #6178)
  • Defi V2 Link Controller (Post #832)
  • Giga Squash Air Freshner (Green Breeze) (Post #1258)
  • HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 (Black w/ Blue Display) (Post #660)
  • Honda S2000 Push Button Start (Post #5614/6178)
  • I/O Port Racing Camera Mount (Post #1366)
  • Lotek CF 3-Gauge A-Pillar wrapped in CF (Two Upper 60mm slots, lower is 52mm for Wideband) Thanks William @ Speed Architech (Pg: 82)
  • Red'ed-Key Ring/Cigarette Lighter/HVAC/Intercooler Switch/Light Leveling Switch/Door Panel Window Switches (Thanks Kevin!) (Pg: 07)
  • Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Passenger A-Pillar (Post #815)
  • Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Speedo Trim (Post #2578)
  • Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped B-Pillar with Seatbelt cover cap (Post #2578)
  • Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped C-Pillar with Seatbelt cover cap (Post #2578)
  • Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Center Console with Limited HVAC Dials (Post #7669)
  • "STi" engraving filled in with Red Sharpie Marker
  • Subaru Black STi (2007 Ver) Floor Mats (For Summer Mode)
  • Subaru JDM S203 Hazard Button (Post #1572)
  • Subaru STi 2006 Trunk Carpet
  • Subaru STi Rear Seatbelt Pads (Post #2578)
  • Subaru STi Rear Cargo Net
  • Subaru Factory All Weather Rubber Floor Mats (For Winter Mode) (Post #660)
  • Super White 4x4 LED Dome Panel
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Leather E-Brake boot (Black with the Red Stitching) (Post #2518)
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Leather Wrapped Center Console Lid (Black with the Red Stitching & Padding) (Post #2518)
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Black BRIDE Wrapped Rear Parcel Shelf (Post #)
  • Willans 6x6 Saloon Harnesses Black (3" Shoulder/3"Lap Belts, FIA Approved, Part No: CB633) (Post #6547)
  • Willans Nomex Harness Pads Black (3", Part No: HPN3) (Post #6547)
  • Works Bell Steering Wheel (Black Leather with Red stiching) (Post #4518) (Installed Post #7644)
  • Works Bell Short Hub (Post #7644)
  • Works Bell Quick Rapfix Steering Wheel Quick Release (Black) (Post #7644)
  • ZeroSports Shift Boot (Black with the Red Stitching) (Post #2159)
  • ZeroSports CF Gauge Pod for 60mm Defi Gauges (Post #3647)
  • 6-Speed STi Shift Pattern Jewel (Post #670)
  • AeroCatch Plus Flush Kit (Locking) w/ AeroCatch tamperproof upgrade (Post #4512)
  • Beatrush Aluminum Underpanel (Post #7644)
  • Bosch Icon Wiper Blades
  • Chargespeed Version 1 Rear Lip (Pg: 97)
  • Cleared Front Headlamps (Thanks Caesar!) (Pg: 07)
  • Debadged "S U B A R U" on trunk (Pg: 04)
  • FUJIMURA AUTO Rocket Dancer Hood in FRP
  • FUJIMURA Rocket Dancer Rain Protector
  • Full-Race License Plate (Pg: 185)
  • Granador Carbon Powered Mirrors (Post #7669)
  • Hella Supertone Horn Kit (118db: Painted Semi-Flat Black with a clear coat) (Pg: 03)
  • Hyper White Parking Lights *194's*, Chrome Amber Turn Signal Bulbs *7440's*, (Pg: 07)
    - From: www.autolumination.com Tail Light Brake Light Turn Signal LED Bulbs
  • Ings+1 Front Bumper (Material: Hybrid Aero w/black painted mesh) (Post #1526)
  • Ings+1 Carbon Fiber Front Canards (Post #4997)
  • Ings+1 Side Skirts (Material: Hybrid Aero w/black painted mesh) (Post #1526)
  • IWSTi Decals (Post #215)
  • JDM Karenha Elderly Driver Badge Leaf (OLD/ADVANCED) (Post #1258)
  • JDM Tail Light Mod (Thanks Caesar!) (Post #248)
  • JDM Tilted front license plate bracket (Pg: 07)
  • Prodrive Rear Diff Guard (Post #4101)
  • RS Wingless Trunk (Post #3755)
  • NRG Chargespeed Replica Carbon Fiber Mirrors (Post #1555)
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator (Roof Version) (Post #2127)
  • Subaru STi Black/Chrome Rear Trunk Badge (Post #2578)
  • Subaru JDM Rain Visor (Post #1348)
  • Subaru Spec-C Roof Vent (Post #1394)
  • Syms Front Fenders (20mm wider)
    -With JDM Subaru Clear Side Markers with Amber Bulb (Smoked Lenses)
  • Syms Replica Wing (3-Way Adjustable Carbon Fiber Center Blade) (Post #193)
  • Top Secret Titanium Tow Hook (Front) (Post #7045)
  • Varis CF B-Pillar Trim (For the outside) (Post #3913)
  • WRC Pig Decals (On Rear Door Windows: Black/White) (Pg: 73)
  • Zerosports/East Cloud carbon fiber gas cap (Post #4180)
  • 35% Tinting all around, 35% Tint strip in the front windshield (Thanks Lee!!) (Post #726)
  • 6GunRacing Ball Joint Relocation Kit with tie rod adapters (Post #4495) (Waiting To be Installed)
  • ARP Extended Wheel Studs
  • Car Labs X-Brace (Post #2519)
  • Cusco Engine/Tranny Mounts (Post #
  • Cusco Zero 2E Coilovers with E-Con controller (Post #1039)
  • Cusco Rear Trailing Arms (Post #4673)
  • Cusco Spanner Wrenches for Zero 2E Coilovers (Post #1258)
  • Cusco Titanium Front Strut Brace (Post #4)
  • Cusco 22mm Front and Rear(3-way Adjustable) Sway Bars (Post #6)
  • Cusco Power Trunk Brace (Post #4180)
  • GTSpec Anti-Lift Kit (Race Version) (Post #1846)
  • GTSpec Fender Braces (Post #5747)
  • GTSpec T Brace Set with Subframe Locking Bolts (Post #1000)
  • GTSpec Lower Tie Brace (Post #1000)
  • GTSpec Differential Mount (Post #1000)
  • Penguin Garage HubCentric 5mm Wheel Spacers (front)
  • Poltec Sway Bar Collars (21-24 mm) (Pg: 34)
  • Whiteline 22mm Heavy Duty Sway Bar Mounts (Post #42)
  • Whiteline Solid Front and Rear Endlinks (Post #2021)
  • Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings (Post #1668)
  • Cobb SS Brake Lines (Post #258)
  • Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (Post #1846)
  • Ferodo DS2500 High Performance brake pads - Front & Rear (Post #4218)
  • Girodisc Rear 2-piece floating rotors (slotted: 7lbs per corner weight savings) (Post #4218)
  • Girodisc Titanium Shims (Front) (Post #4218)
  • Girodisc Titanium Shims (Rear) (Post #4218)
  • Motul RBF660 DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid (2 Bottles) (Post #4218)
  • Performance Friction 2-Piece Front Rotors (Dimpled) (Post #3916)
  • ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft with the New Yoke (First one available to an STi in the USA!) (Post #876)
  • ARP Extended Wheel Studs (Post #7614)
  • Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90 Synthetic Oil (Replaced at 31k miles) (Post #1328)
  • Clutch Valve Delete Mod (Pg: 86)
  • Exedy Twin Disc Clutch/Flywheel (Post #4906)
  • Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid used as Clutch Fluid (Post #
  • Subaru JDM Rear LSD Oil (Replaced at 28k miles) (Post #
  • Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line (Post #859)
  • TiC 6MT Pivot Bushing
  • TiC Tranny Crossmember Bushings (Post #1259)
  • TiC Rear Diff Clunk Killer with Kartboy Bushings (Post #2)
  • TiC STi Super Shifter Set with Kartboy Short Throw Lever & Bushings (Post #2)
  • AlpineStars Tech 1-K Racing Gloves (Black/Grey Suede) (Post #651)
  • Braille Battery Trickle Charger (Post #3701)
  • Canon ZR-850 Digital Mini-DV Video Camera (Post #1328)
  • Motive Power Clutch & Brake Bleeder for 2005 STi (Post #4298)
  • Motive Bleeder Bottles (2) (Post #4298)
  • Pyrotect Clossed Face SA2005 Helmet:Black (Post #67)
  • Pyrotect Helmet Bag (Post #67)
  • RACE RAMPS 67” XTs (Post #3913)
  • RACE RAMPS XTENDERS (Post #3913)
  • RACE RAMPS TRAK-JAX with bump stop (Post #3913)
  • VP Racing Fuels Jug (Blue) (Post #388)
  • 17x8" Work Emotion CR in Gunmetal mounted on Michelin Pilot Alpine PA2 (Post #888)
  • Tire Tote & Wheel Felts for Transportation/Storage (Post #2021)
  • 17x8" ASA JH3's with Bridgestone Potenza RE070's (Track/Backup Set) (Post #878)
  • 17x8" Gold BBS rims with Bridgeston Pontenza RE070's (Track/Summer Season) (Post #898)
  • 17x8" 'Time Attack style' BBS rims with Kuhmo Ecsta V710's R-Compounds (245/45/17) (Track only) (Post #4381)
  • Tire Tote & Wheel Felts for Transportation/Storage (Post #2021)

  • 18x9.5 (38mm+) Rota Grid Matte Black with Michelin Pilot Super Sport (255/35/18)


Want to Learn Japanese?

Translation: My Subaru is absolutely faster than your Evo.:devil:

Then, if the Evo driver wants to race, you can reply with...

Translation: Your wasting your time. :lol: :evilbanan

When I had the PCV vac leak:
YouTube - First start up with Full-Race system and more

Tuned at XX-Tuning by Chris @ EFI Logics on 10-16-2008
Initial Tuning, ahhh fireball!!
YouTube - Initial Tuning at XX-Tuning by EFI Logics

Final tune run:
YouTube - Getting tuned at XX-Tuning by EFI Logics

More from that day:
YouTube - Chris05STi SZ55 Meth and Full Race Manifold and Up Pipe
Invidia V2 Catless DP, wrapped/sprayed, with the Invidia G200 Catback, Enjoy!

Start-up of my Invidia TBE:scurred: :eek: :busted: :lol:
Start up Invidia TBE Catless - Putfile

Roll on the Freeway at 5th gear, at about 60-70mph.
Roll on the Freeway 5th Gear - Putfile

Another Roll by.
Another Roll by - Putfile

Inside with windows down, from a start making a right turn.
Inside with windows down from a start making a right - Putfile

Cruising at about 60mph, no highway drone, gets mean when you WOT though!!!
Cruising at about 60mph no highway drone - Putfile

Just hitting it some, not flooring it though, with windows down.
Just hitting it some not flooring it though with windows down - Putfile

This is the day I got the car, ahhh the glory days!!

Stock pic of the engine bay of the STi:

Here is the 1986 Camaro along side the STi:

BTW, here are my girls;)

Here is the STi substitue, the R/C car I bought when I couldn't get the STi *Wasn't near the real one eventhough it goes about 80mph now!*



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Mod Pics:

First mods!! Perrin Radiator Shroud:

GP Moto Silencer Delete *The stock was a joke!! Why would they even design something like that!?!*

Got the Perrin Crank Pulley, no problems since the past 4,xxx miles. The engine revs up a little nicer than stock. Not a bad mod if your bored and have the $$.

El Stocko:

Here is the Sparco Globe-X Shift Knob, I always loved the look of this:

Here is the Perrin Short Ram Intake *If you want the SWooosh, get an intake and not a BOV!

I got the TurnInConcepts Short Throw Shifter Set. Great people and the bushings and Kartboy short throw lever is great in combined with the STi short throw shifter from the factory. *Watch out for TiC's Foot Soliders!!!

Difference from Stock to the whole short throw shifter package:

Stock *With the factory short throw shifter package*:

TiC's short throw shifter setup *Notice the shortness!!

TurnInConcepts' Rear Clunk Killer *No more "popping/clunking* noise when shifting hard during acceleration!


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Perfect start, nice job on picking the best/most useful products you can buy for the STi and staying cost effective.

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Here is the Cusco Titanium Front Strut Brace installed. Thanks to Adam at Z1 Performance!

The quality on this thing is amazing! Check the welds:

Here is the Cobb Battery Tie Down Installed *Christmas Gift*:

NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers all thanks to Paperchasin. Great quality product.....sure beats using the stupid hood prop!

Installed pic:


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Here are the newest editions to the mod list all thanks again to Adam from Z1 Performance! Cusco Front and Rear Sway bars *22mm with the rear being able to adjust at 3 different settings. I am waiting to see what Cobb comes up with in the Endlink department, otherwise, I will be going with the Whiteline endlinks and their heavy duty swaybar mounts. Ordering those sometime in Feb.

I think they are trying to tell us something?! Hmmmmmmm, the joys of parts made in Japan: Instructions in Japanese!!!!

Ah, and who can not have one of these guys?! Got it from a guy on eBay (CrazedCustoms.com) Great guy, honest and really takes care of what your looking to get. Installed on both rear windows.


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Thanks guys, yah I have a budget I work with, and actually have a 3 ring binder *Mod Book* where I plan each month's buys and plan for like a year or so out. Crazy I know, but fun? HELL YES! Thanks to this site for teaching me all the crazy stuff there is for my car, amazing what you can learn from here!

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Nice mod list, and good pics to match. Keep us updated as the mods come in.

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Don't worry, that and other nice mods are on set for the monthly buys!!

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That's a good looking car. I like the way you described the mods, very nice.

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$125 for the set shipped isn't bad compared to the Tein Greenies! They look great and for the job they do, they are worth it. Sure beats using that hood prop. It was a semi Christmas gift anyways lool.

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ESsTeAEyEe said:
yeah I have to agree that its much easier, in fact I really want a set...

But the money could go elsewhere I suppose... I pop my hood a few times a month... not sure if its worth...

but how many times are you working around your hood and the stupid hood prop is on the way.

Come on ESS get them you might need it for the tunning on Saturday :D

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Thanks again guys for the comments! More pictures to come next month when I get the sway bars/endlinks installed!
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