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Just if anyone is wondering the chin spoiler-etts on the STi aren't that difficult to take off. It consists of 3 bolts on the bottom edge, 2 plastic clips on the bottom edge, 2 plastic clips on the fender edge, a bracket behind the bumper for 2 clips on the top edge, and another bracket behind the bumper for another top edge clip and 3 door panel clips on the front edge. This is per side.

I found it easiest to take the bolts off, and then the external clips. Then I could get my arm between the bumper and inner fender and detach the top clips. Next I would pull the spoiler from the outside while I tried to squeeze the door panel clips. Took about 5 minutes per side.

Now when you get these off you are left with 5 inch and a half long by about half an inch wide square holes in the bumper. If I had a camera I'd take pictures of it for you all.

Hay you guys wouldn't want to get together and get me a camera like you were for Maryey? I'll take nakid pictures of myself for you all if you do. :wink:
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