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If you are a resident of Connecticut or a nearby state and are seriously in the market for an STi, make it a point to contact or stop into Chase Parkway Subaru in Watertown, CT and speak with Joe Catanese. Joe is very knowledgable of the STi, laid back and best of all NO PRESSURE! I was originally in the market for an Mit. EVO VIII and then I went to dealerships to shop, big mistake! Anywhere from $4K-$10K markup, for a Mitsubishi, I THINK NOT!! Then I stopped in at Chase Parkway and got a chance to meet and speak with Joe. The absolute best thing that came out of Joe's mouth was the selling price of the STi, factory MSRP, no more no less! They had a pretty impressive selection of STi's also; (2)Blue w/ Silver rims, (1)Silver w/ Silver rims, (1) Black w/ Silver rims and (1) White w/ Silver rims coming shortly. Blue and Black peaked my interest. One thing in particular that I did like was the STi's on the lot have *No Test Drives* marked on them. I thought this was awesome, I know that I don't want to purchase a limited production $32,000 car that has been beaten on!! Here is the info. on the dealership:

Chase Parkway Subaru
795 Straits Turnpike
Watertown, CT 06795
(800)327-9002 or (860)274-8866
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