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I tried searching for this, but couldn't find much info. I have a 2008 STi, fully built/tuned making ~400hp. I almost never use the AC, so I never noticed this before. However, yesterday I had the AC on and under WOT the car misfires/stumbles really bad, it scared the shit out of me it was so bad. With the AC off it pulls perfectly, no issues at all. The compressor is only a couple years old, blows cold, and doesn't make any abnormal sounds.

I moved recently and now I'm pretty far away from my tuner, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own. The car acts totally normal when the AC is on under normal driving conditions. WOT is when the issues happen. I have read the some tuners disable the AC on these cars, and they're not able to go WOT with that much HP when the AC is on, but I haven't read anything concrete regarding that.

I recently replaced the plugs and alternator. I tested the battery, looks fine.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

-Thank you
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