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Not sure if this has already been posted (I did search...didn't see it):

2015 Subaru WRX STI Instrumented Test – Review – Car and Driver

The STI engine hasn't gained any power, ever. We know this. Why all of a sudden think that the STI should be an SRT8 or SS killer? The comparisons made weren't even close to apples-apples. Most articles have an angle or poin to be made...I think I know the point that the author is trying to make, but the author is all over the place in his comparisons...doesn't make much sense and doesn't make for good reading, no matter what brand of car I desire.

The author must live in Colorado and must've smoked a fatass blunt while writing this article.
agreed. I have been saying for years in these types of threads that Subaru never intended for the STI to compete with Mustang GT's Z28's or GTO's. When the STI came here in 2004 the MEDIA ran tests against these cars as more of an Exhibition than anything objective, to show that a 4 door sedan with a 4 cyl turbo and all wheel drive could out run 2 door sport coupes with big high torque V8's. The end result of all these original tests back then seemed to conclude that it shouldnt be possible for a 4 cyl import to be such a better performer in its first year on U.S soil VS. legendary Pony cars that had been in production for 35 years!!!

So the exhibition comparisons are still being written about in the magazines..and guess what..10 years after the first STI and going on 45 years in production for the Camaro and Mustang, the pony cars have just got equal and or better performance than the SAME lowly 4 door 4 cyl turbo all wheel drive import that arrived in 2004 LOL. And honestly they needed to throw over 100-130 horsepower MORE at these pony cars just to be able to eclipse the 11 year old STI drive train. Makes me wonder who is really "behind". Obviously the Mustang an Camaro were WAY behind in the first decade of 2000 relative to what was being done with the STI.

I guess what these automotive media mags like car and driver are saying is that the STI should get 400-430 horsepower as well? But seriously can you imagine that?! A 400-430 horse STI would easily run mid 12's and mid to low 3 second 0-60, and that would make them faster than the pony cars quite easily without changing anything else really. The chassis in the STI is set up for at least 100 horsepower more now, so at the end of the day all that is holding back the STI from embarrassing these cars all over again is a big whallop of a horsepower increase. These articles just highlight how bad the pony cars WERE and how long it has taken them to get better performance and how they potentially could be easily humbled again by what a 400+ horsepower STI could do.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts