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Hi, Im planning on possibly buying a 2005 STI (hopefully they would have an option to change the rear wing) for a daily driver/racing. Well, anyway, Im going to tune it as well.

At first, I wanted to get a WRX sedan, and then tune it from there, but then the STI came along :) .

First question: If I were to do engine modifications such as installing front mount intercooler, bigger turbo, larger injectors, up-down pipes, exhaust, etc.., will the STI be capable of reaching the 10's on the quarter mile on high boost?

Second question: Does the UTEC chip work properly with the STI?
Third question: Can the HKS GT3240 Turbo fit in the STI's EJ25 engine?

Last question: Bearing in mind that I will only put the cars boost to 14-17 PSI when I daily drive it and occasionly put it to high boost when I race it, how many miles will I expect the car to go until is breaks down?

As you may probably figure out already, Im a newbie to STI tuning, so can you guys help me out? Thanks
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