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1) You will need to give it some time... realistically for daily driving and racing both.. no you wont be able to hit 10s. To stay anywhat daily driving and be able to run a 10 second 1/4 will be very difficult. APS just hit 11.97 with their 412 hp STi. Im not saying its impossible, but very unlikely if you want it to be a good daily and a good racing car. ((edit: Although I dont know the times, I believe they hit the 470hp range... with a huge turbo, but I doubt they will make it into the 10s with even that, so it will take a great deal of mods. The only realistic DD and 10 second car I can think of is the Supra lol, but those are pretty rediculous as well - power wise)).
2)UTEC is being developed for the STi now and some of us are already on the list for preodering (such as *** and Godspeedmotorsports)
3)Im not sure, ask guru/god
4)Not sure as this is a new engine/car altogether. As for the psi... dont plan to go past 17 as you will hit a boost cut(which i am very familiar with lol)... that and the turbo isnt big so the efficiency range will probably be hit around 17-18 psi or so. Now strap on a bigger turbo and I have no clue as to how the engine will last.

Hope this helps

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