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so i've been waiting to get this camera for while and finally best buy just released it and it was on sale for 350$. not bad for very nice camera that just came out on the shelf.

this is like the one step lower than rebel dsrl. i wanted camera for multi function and this was it for me. 12X optional zoom ain't bad.


im messing around with Manual mode. anyone suggest what setting i should be using? any tips on taking photos? i probably use M mode more than auto mode.


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Hey J,

I'm new here, but have been into photography since, well, let's just say a long time. Anyway, being a fellow Canon shooter you may want to have a look at Canon's website http://www.photoworkshop.com/canon/index.html which has a ton of info on how to get the most out of your camera equipment. While this section is primarily geared toward professionals, the basics are the basics, regardless.

Regarding your question of anyone suggest what setting i should be using? That's a wide open question with lots of answers. What type of photography are you interested in? General, people/things, sports, portraiture, still life, and on and on.

One of the big killers of photos is motion blur. Not to be confused with intended blur, like with panning a moving object, but, rather the unintentional movement of the camera during an exposure.

Some simple rules of thumb to avoid motion blur are:

1. Hold the camera securely by cradling it in your hands and locking your elbows to your sides. Form a human tripod, of sorts.

2. Squeeze the shutter release, don't stab at it.

3. Use a shutter speed (in manual or shutter priority) at least equal to the focal length of your lens, IE: 1/125 for a setting of 125mm, etc.

4. Shoot, a lot. Review your images along with the embedded EXIF data so you can relate your camera settings and its effects to the image.

I have a few photos on www.pbase.com where you can see the relationship of the camera settings on the final image, if you want to have a look. Go to

Here's what the EXIF data looks like:

Canon EOS 1D Mark II
1/250s f/16.0 at 140.0mm iso200 hide exif
Full EXIF Info
Date/Time 01-Apr-2006 13:35:22
Make Canon
Model Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Flash Used No
Focal Length 140 mm
Exposure Time 1/250 sec
Aperture f/16
ISO Equivalent 200
Exposure Bias .9
White Balance (-1)
Metering Mode matrix (5)
JPEG Quality (6)
Exposure Program program (1)
Focus Distance



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its what i would have got if i didnt get my nikon D50
its a great camera i the image stablizer, but theres no substitute for a tri-pod
gave you looked at any of the pentax DSLR's, the have great quality for cheap

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yeah, i really wanted to get dslr, but i didn't want to get rebel. if i were going to spend the money, i would have spend it on 30d or new nikond90.

im not sure how the focus works on M mode. it seems like i change the focus, it looks the same. any advice?

thanks guys
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