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2012 STI no engine mods, adult owned, etc.


2012 Subaru WRX Sti for Sale

Adult owned (2nd owner), sti with unmodified engine, well thought out suspension modifications, all records and receipts, plus some extras (seriously I'm that guy with the binder and the spreadsheet).

Car is paid off. Title in hand.

81k miles

A PPI was done and the car has excellent compression and leak down results.
CYL 1 135
CYL 2 138
CYL 3 136
CYL 4 138
Leak down
1: 92/100
2: 93/100
3: 92/100
4: 92/100

Unfortunately it has a tiny head gasket leak. I asked the mechanic how long he’d be comfortable driving it like this and he said, “thousands of miles.”

I’ve owned this Sti since 43k miles/2016 and it is time to move on to a larger car for longer road trips with the family (for the curious I will be looking at the 4Runner and Ascent). The car has been great overall: reliable, fun, utilitarian (if needed), etc. First owner was an engine builder for TRD, also a responsible adult who used this as a fun car to drive his kid around in.

This is my 3rd subaru and 2nd sti (I had a short couple of years with a BRZ and an M3 in the middle). I am a 37 year old with two kids and no time to drive irresponsibly or beat on the car.

Engine: stock, briefly (2 mo) had an AP on it running an off the shelf tune but took off to sell, no intakes (uses cotton filter, came with K&N filter), stock exhaust.
-Bosch AGM battery - starts reliably in the cold, powers the small sub in the back just fine
-Smogged and reg paid to 2021

Exterior: 7/10 - Subaru paint is subaru paint. I try to detail and seal the car with chemical guys products about twice a year. That said the crummiest part of this car is the exterior and it isn’t really bad. The rear wing is faded from the California sun and the rear hatch tint is getting bubbly. It will cost about $200 to get the wing resprayed (which is something I might get done). Other than that the paint is what you’d expect from an 8 year old car with 80k+ on it. Minor curb rash on wheel.
-Red overlays on tail lights (done professionally by wraptor wraps)
-Hella horns - slightly louder and safer than the weak oem ones
-Rally Armor Mudflaps

Interior: 8/10 - Fairly stock interior. Comes with rear cargo cover, all weather (and regular) floor mats, Kartboy knob (and OEM knob), pioneer touchscreen head unit (android auto, apple carplay ), custom spare tire area Subwoofer (in place of spare tire...removes easily with one thumbscrew...I also have the spare tire), radar detector (previous owner hard wired it), rear backup camera, alcantara shift boot/ebrake boot/armrest. Some fading and wear on the driver's side seat bolster. Alcantara steering wheel and OEM one (in case you want to switch back).

-Proper upgrades to geometry, non-junk coilovers with low miles
-Brakes are stock Brembos with Posi-Quiet pads (with about half their life left)
-Feal 441 Coilovers are installed and only have about 4k miles on them. These have the optional upgraded bearings in the front and are comfortable for daily driving and road trips. Not slammed to the ground just slightly lower than stock.
-Superpro lower control arms (allows for rear camber adjustment)
-Superpro roll center adjustment kit (taller ball joints/longer tie rod ends - allows for corrected front geometry for lowered cars)
-Alignment by Clarence Brown (-2 deg Camber front, 0 rear, 0 toe all corners)
-Low mile Bridgestone RE760 summer tires - second set of these awesome tires. Lasted a while, not a lot of road noise and great grip.
-Kartboy shifter bushings - in limited edition blue (not that that matters to anyone)
-OEM short shifter

-Roof Rack - Thule roof rack cross bars with two bike trays - multiple keys for bars.
-Snow tires on blue ASA wheels - negotiable - these are junk wheels I got on craigslist and put snow tires on for going snowboarding. I also have unused snow chains that fit these tires. Add $200 to the price and these are yours.
-Binder full of receipts for almost everything that has been done to the car since purchase + spreadsheet showing everything in the binder + all maintenance done to the car.
-OEM headunit and all OEM parts ever taken off or swapped off the car (not much, but includes shift knob, rear hatch emblems, etc).
-Fumoto oil change valve. Oil changes every 3,500-5,000 miles depending on driving conditions, etc. Always used Rotella 5w-40 and a Wix filter (most surface area of any oil filter)

Car is located in San Diego, CA and I would prefer to sell locally.

Will be particular about who gets to test drive. Will require a mask and gloves to test drive (why, because if I don't then less people will feel comfortable checking out the car.).


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What if I listed it for $17900?
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