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Buying 2010 STI, Any Info?

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Well, what I would consider a good deal popped up fairly local to me and I wanted to run it past a few people on this site to suss it out, and make sure I'm not getting burned! Here are the details, and keep in mind I'm in Canada!

2010 STI, with 110k (68k mi) on the odometer, however the engine was replaced by Subaru 6k ago because of a service dept error. It will come with a 20k/1 year powertrain warranty and it's currently being sold by one of the local Subi dealers. It's priced at 26k. Car is very clean inside and out, dealer has done a nice job detailing the car for sale. No dings or scratches, everything is straight.

Should I be leery of this car? What possible ding dong thing could they have done to nuke a whole engine at the dealer? Would the 20k warranty on the powertrain be enough to allow any gremlins in this car to show themselves? Anything I should know but might not about this particular car? Planning on working out a deal tomorrow on this thing.

From what I can tell the car is bone stock too, which for me is a plus, as I really like what Subi has done with the look of the car, and the performance is more than adequate for me. I want this to be a DD so it'll stay fairly tame and I shouldn't be driving it too hard, save for the odd on ramp of course!
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Could've been something as simple as an oil filter not being tight enough. It's pretty hard to say as it could've been great number of things.
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