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I placed a pre-order back on 10/26/2002 shortly after worm said we could do so. Last week I got my 02 WRX assessed at the dealer for trade in value. Based on the price they offered me, I said they either needed to allow an extra $1000 on trade in value or take $1000 off of MSRP. They wouldn't budge and neither did I. End result, I won't be getting and STI this year. I don't have much experience in car shopping and therefore, I've never walked away from a car before. After doing so, I must say that it was much easier than I expected.

Since the snow will start flying soon here, I didn't want a brand new car just in time for winter. Especially one that cannot be driven in snow with the stock tires. As I see it, next April when the 2005 model year starts to move, the STI will be at a better price point since the initial demand will have died down. If not, I'll be making a nice road trip to Van Bortel.

Whoever is getting the Blue/Silver STI at Jim Miller Subaru in Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- Congrats. I've been working with Chris Larson who has been great. Unfortunately for me, the upper management didn't negotiate from MSRP. So....lucky you.

I envy you all.

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