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Burseth Racing Performance Driving at the Autobahn Private Track Day
Sept. 25, 2006

Join Burseth Racing for fun and challenging day at the private Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL on September 25, 2006 this event is a fantastic opportunity for drivers of any skill level to learn performance driving by race car driver - Derek Burseth. This is also an excellent opportunity to drive your car on an exclusive members only track that has been rented out by Burseth Racing. This event is for a limited number of drivers. This should fill quickly.

When: September 25, 2006
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm Continental Breakfast and Lunch included
Where: Autobahn Country Club Joliet, IL
Cost: $595.00 per participant

Who Should Attend: Any one who would like the change to drive their car in a fun safe
learning environment. It's a chance to learn more about self, your
driving skills, and your car. It's also a great way to meet and
socialize with people who really enjoy their cars.

Free Pre-Event
Technical Inspection: Please call for an appointment 630 231-3456.
All vehicles must pass a tech inspection. We will also recheck at
the track the morning of the event.

Use of Helmet Free: We will provide you with a helmet to use or if you want to
purchase a helmet call and order one from us before the event.

What to expect: - Continent Breakfast and lunch will be provided
- Classroom instruction, generally about driving techniques and
specifically about driving the road course at the Autobahn.
- Drivers will be grouped by experience level for effective learning.
and will receive a lots of behind-the-wheel experience in
lapping sessions on the track. Groups are established to allow
drivers to run laps with other drivers of similar experience.
- Derek Burseth will provide feedback after track sessions and will provide driving tips and techniques.

This event is not a race and no racing will be allowed. This event provides a controlled environment where you can safely approach your vehicle's performance capabilities. This program conforms to the safety requirements of the Autobahn. Drivers are financially responsible for any and all damage they make to the facility and its parts. The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles at the Autobahn is their own. There is no refunds or cancellation unless your space can be filled. Any drivers 16 or 17 must have an instructor in the car at all times to be able to drive.

Make Checks payable to Burseth Racing, LLC
1292 Humbracht Circle Unit E Bartlett, IL 60103
Please include your registration form with your payment.
Confirmation of registration and pre-event information will be sent
by e-mail or fax.
For Credit Card Payment or questions contact us at (630) 213-3456

Registration Form

Burseth Racing Performance Private Track Event at the Autobahn
September 25, 2006

First Last Name:_____________________MI____________Name:_______________________
City:______________________________State:__________ Zip Code:______________
Home phone:( )__________________ Work phone: ( ) _____________
Cell Phone: ( )__________________ Fax
Fax Phone: ( )___________________
Date of Birth:__________________ Doctor/phone ..:______________________________
Driver Lic. .. ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___
Expire: Month/Date/ Year: _________________
State Issued: ____________
Your Automobile:
Year ________ Make ______________ Model ______________
Body Style ______________ Color _________ Modification:__________________________________________________

Auto Insurance Policy .. ___________________________________
Auto Insurance Company:__________________________________

Which group level would you prefer?
____ Novice ______Intermediate _____advance
Your Experience: (driving schools/lapping days etc.)__________________

Shirt Size: XS______S______M_______L_____XL______XXL_______

All Participants Please Read and Sign:
Burseth Racing, LLC and the Autobahn reserve the right to accept or reject entries on an individual basis. Performance driving on a track is an inherently dangerous activity. Each entrant assumes that risk when he or she participates in an event. Burseth Racing, LLC and the Autobahn are not responsible for the adequacy of an entrant's car, equipment, driving capabilities, or activity.

Each participant agrees to abide by Burseth Racing rules which pertain to the running of this event, the specific regulations of the Autobahn . and any special rules and regulations which are established to cover the running of this event and agreeing without reservation to the consequences from Burseth Racing, LLC resulting for violation of aforesaid. Burseth Racing, LLC and the Autobahn reserve the right to refuse the participant of any application, or reclassify participants, as they deem appropriate. Burseth Racing, LLC considers participants to be anyone present at this event.

In consideration of being permitted to use the Autobanh track rental agreement with Burseth Racing, LLC, I agree to be solely financially responsible for any and all property damage to the Autobahn facility caused in whatsoever manner by myself either in the vehicle that I have registered, or in any other vehicle under my control. I hereby certify that I understand all of the regulations for this event and agree to abide by them.

Participant's Signature__________________________________________________
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